As at the end of December 2016, the stock position of Foreign Direct Investment in Malta stood at €161.4 billion, while Direct Investment abroad amounted to €62.1 billion.

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Malta

As at the end of 2016, foreign direct investment in Malta was registered at €161.4 billion, an increase of €9.5 billion over the corresponding period the previous year. Financial and insurance activities contributed €158.2 billion or 98.0 per cent to the total stock of FDI in Malta during the period under review (Table 3).

FDI flows in Malta went up by €3.4 billion during 2016, equivalent to a decrease of €0.8 billion over the corresponding flows in 2015 (Table 1). 

Direct investment abroad

In terms of stock position, as at December 2016, direct investment abroad by resident entities was recorded at €62.1 billion. Entities offering financial and insurance activities accounted for 99.5 per cent of the total direct investment abroad (Table 6). During 2016, direct investment flows abroad decreased by €4.9 billion, compared to a fall of €4.7 billion during the previous year. This is mainly attributed to lower claims on direct investors by €5.6 billion (Table 4)

See the full NSO Report on Direct Investment in Malta and Abroad: January-December 2016

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