Commencement Of The Renewal Process For Self – Catering Accommodation Licenses

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According to a recent announcement by the Deputy Ministry of Tourism, applications for the renewal of existing Self – Catering Accommodation Licenses, must now be submitted online.
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Commencement of the Renewal Process for Self – Catering Accommodation Licenses (Regulations – Fees – Penalties)

The new method for the Submission of the Application

According to a recent announcement by the Deputy Ministry of Tourism, applications for the renewal of existing Self – Catering Accommodation Licenses, must now be submitted online. This process will be facilitated through a new online platform designed to streamline the application submission process.

Deadline for the Submission of the Renewal Application

It is stipulated in the relevant legislation, that the applications must be submitted within the period of three (3) months prior the expiration of the existing licenses. Once the applicants obtain the renewal the renewed license will be valid for a period of (5) five years.

Applicable Fees for the Renewal

The Fee for the renewal license is two hundred twenty-two euros (€222). This amount is also applicable for the initial registration license.

Overdue Submission of the Application

In cases where the applications are not successfully submitted within the designated timeframe, these applications shall not be accepted by the Competent Authority. However, in such cases, applicants are allowed to resubmit the application of the issuance of the registration license with all the relevant documents attached to it as it is stated by the Law, regarding the initial registration license, and it will be valid for a period of (3) three years.

Additional information according to the Law:

It was further stated by the Deputy Ministry of Tourism, that according to the relevant legislation, specifically, the Regulation of the Establishment and Operation of Hotels and Tourist Accommodations Law, «any entrepreneur/manager of a Self–Catering Accommodation may advertise and/or rent the accommodation, provided that the said accommodation is duly registered in the Register of Self-Catering Accommodations and that a registration number has been obtained by the Deputy Ministry of Tourism. Additionally, to the above-mentioned it should be noted that it is mandatory for the registration number to be included in all advertisements and/or promotions through any relevant transaction».

Illegal Operation and Imposed Penalties:

If any Self–Catering Accommodation operates or is maintained without obtaining the required Registration License or in case it operates or is maintained with a revoked Registration License, then the person exclusively responsible for the said operation or maintenance of the accommodation will bear the legal liability for this criminal offence. In the event of a conviction, the person responsible for this action shall be a subject to prison sentence not exceeding (1) one year of imprisonment or a financial penalty not exceeding the amount of five thousand euros (€5.000) or subject to both penalties.

Further Non-Compliance Penalty:

In cases of non-compliance by a person previously convicted of this offence, will be accountable for committing a further offence. As a legal result of the continuation of this action the person will remain liable and will be subject to an additional financial penalty, not exceeding two hundred euros (€200)  for each day the offense continues.

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