The last year has been unlike any other, with the COVID-19 Pandemic affecting everyone and everything the world over. Aside from impacts to individual people's health, one of the most significant ways the Pandemic has affected life is in the way it has forced businesses to adapt and adjust to new and changing realities just to survive, let alone thrive, in the present environment. Nowhere is that more true than in looking at the myriad changes forced on businesses big and small with respect to dealing with their employees. From COVID screening to Remote working arrangements, legislative changes to aggressive litigants, employers have been forced to re-evaluate their systems, protocols and processes "on the fly" as the landscape shifted around them. Some of these changes are by their very nature time-limited, or event-specific responses to particular aspects - legislative or otherwise - of the Pandemic, while others may be here to stay even when the Pandemic has receded. Join us on May 11th as we review and explore current trends and predictions for the future in Canadian employment law, including:

- Employment law implications of the shift toward the gig economy;
- Rights and obligations of employers managing a remote workforce;
- Balancing flexibility and certainty in contracts and policies to be able to adjust to major world events and legislative changes; and
- Policies and considerations in a post-Pandemic world

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