The news coming out of Afghanistan is devastating. Hammond Taylor stands with the Afghani Australian community.

The United Nations is warning of a looming "humanitarian catastrophe" in Afghanistan as the Taliban takes control of the country. The Taliban take over will likely roll back human rights, particularly for women and girls and put innumerable lives at risk.

Hammond Taylor calls on the government to:

  • urgently fast-track visas and evacuations for the immediate family members of Australian citizens and permanent residents who are in Afghanistan, along with those who worked with the Australian government, aid sector, Defence Force and human rights groups. This includes removing the partner visa priority processing direction that gives those sponsored by former boat arrives the lowest priority category.
  • prioritise existing citizenship and visa applications for Afghan nationals in Australia and overseas.
  • Furthermore, Hammond Taylor calls on the Australian government to issue Permanent Visas to all Afghani nationals currently in Australia who request it, including those on Temporary Protection Visas, Safe Haven Enterprise Visas, and those barred by the current Migration Act due to the means of their arrival.

Given the rapid pace of the takeover, Australia must take action immediately and help all Afghanis who have helped Australia and those with immediate family in Australia.

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