#2 | Global FinTech survey: Key findings and trends

On-demand webinar

Join our global FinTech team via a combination of 10-minute videos and on-demand webinars, to hear about their insights and perspectives on the latest FinTech hot topics such as digital identity, asset tokenization, crypto custody, stablecoins and InsurTech.

In the second edition, we will be discussing the highlights and key trends emerging from our global FinTech survey in which we looked at how financial institutions and FinTechs are responding to the current challenging environment. We will also explore our findings on the role which new business models, strategic collaborations, investment and M&A, outsourcing, regulatory considerations, and the risk of litigation might play in addressing such challenges.

In the next edition, which will be published mid-August, Harriet Jones-Fenleigh (London) and Robert Schwinger (New York) will be discussing FinTech litigation trends.

We hope you find the series insightful. Do get in touch if you would like to discuss any of the topics further.