Beijing Intellectual Property Court recently acknowledged the well-known status of Dior's "J'ADORE" trademark on perfumes and cosmetics, and thus overruled TRAB's opposite decision. The trademark invalidation case is about a Taiwanese who registered "J'ADORE" on the service of eyeglasses store. Dior has been trying to remove this trademark from the register but was unsuccessful at the TRAB. 

The feature of this case is that, the Taiwanese opens an  eyeglasses store named J' ADORE, and places a Dior's J'ADORE perfume bottle adjacent to the eyeglasses by intention. By highlighting the bad faith of this Taiwanese and the high fame of J'ADORE perfume, the Court is convinced to side with Dior in stopping the free riding act. 

The ChinaSinda team assisting Dior on this matter includes Mr. Tingru Wang, Ms. Lu Jin and Ms. Shanren Piao.