It is a prerequisite to thrive in any business climate for a investor to be fairly, if not thoroughly, abreast with the necessary regulatory and compliance requirments of the target jurisdiction. It is vital to be able to avoid certain pitfalls and to not run afoul of the laws of the country of interest. It is not the case that a would be investor is required to be a master or an expert in the regulatory and compliance laws and practices of another country, but a working knowledge of key regulatory and compliance issues is essential.

Nigeria continues to be an investment attraction for numerous busineses and as it is presently seeking to reinvent itself, at the end of one regime, with the prospect of a more business friendly one, there is no better time than the present to familiarise oneself with certain regulations.

It is arguable that Nigeria more than any other country in sub-Saharan Africa has the right blend of commercial and business opportunities, in addition to natural and human resources. It is critical for investors and businesses to be abreast, not only with the opportunites and possibilities in the commercial and business spaces but regulatory and compliance issues, to better situate and harness Nigeria's abundant offerings.

In this webinar we will be exploring the following topics/themes:

1. The laws and regulations relating to corporate and individual Immigration into Nigeria.

2. A deep dive analysis of the key steps to take in complying with the Immigration regulations in Nigeria.

3. Compliance issues relating to Customs and import and export related processes in Nigeria

4. A review of likely challenges doing business in Nigeria

5. An analysis of dispute resolution mechanisms in commercial and business relationships in Nigeria

6. Compliance and corporate governance issues in the business landscape in Nigeria

7. An overview of the criminal justice system in Nigeria

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