QLDC believes that the Queenstown town centre is at risk due to the oversupply of business zoned land around Frankton coupled with the Queenstown town centre zone being at or near capacity. An independently commissioned report has identified a clear oversupply of business zoned land in the Frankton area and there is a serious concern that this oversupply could result in a decline of Queenstown's town centre if tourist related businesses are disbursed.

To address this concern, QLDC has identified an urgent need to expand the Queenstown town centre zone. QLDC believes that the rezoning of the Lakeview site (currently a holiday park) together with some small surrounding landholdings, into town centre style zoning is a solution worth considering. They have therefore lodged an application for a plan change (Plan Change 50) which seeks to rezone the Lakeview site, together with three other adjoining urban blocks of land, from high density residential zone to Queenstown town centre zone. QLDC believes that rezoning these sites to Queenstown town centre zone is a logical step to ensure that the Queenstown town centre remains cohesive and to some extent, reflects the commercial land uses already established in these areas.

The plan change, if passed, will permit the construction of a convention centre on the Lakeview site with an integrated commercial/mixed use development planned for the remainder of the site. This could include visitor accommodation, high density residential accommodation, a retail and hospitality precinct, and public recreation spaces.

The proposed plan change will also remove development limitations on residential housing developments and permit taller buildings at the back of the property. At this stage, Council does not have any fixed plans as to how the development of the site will proceed and by whom. Accordingly, Council is apparently open to approaches from parties interested in being involved in the development of the site or parties prepared to work with Council on a joint venture basis.

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