On February 04, 2016, the Energy Regulatory Commission ("CRE") published in the Federal Official Gazette the resolution by which presents the template agreement for the open access connection and not unduly discriminatory for Load Centers connected to the voltage higher than 1 kV to the national transmission network or the general distribution networks, pursuant to article 12, section XV of the Power Industry Law is issued (the "Agreement"). 

Pursuant to the template agreement, the parties will be the transporter, distributor or its contractor with the requester, that may be an individual, legal entity, local or municipal government and a agency of the Federal Public Administration or autonomous entity.

The purpose of the Agreement will be to perform and maintain the physical connection between the National Transmission Network (the "RNT") or the General Distribution Network (the "RGD") of the transporter, distributor or its contractor and the corresponding Load Center, as well as perform activities related to the connection.

The term of the Agreement will be until the physical connection between the RNT or the RGD and the Load Center is cancelled.

Each one of the parties will designate by writing a coordinator and a deputy coordinator when the power capacity and the voltage level of the requester exceeds 10 MW and 69 kV to carry out the required activities to comply with the Agreement.

The constructions between the Load Center and the connection point will be built by and on the expense of the requester, who may hire a third party to build. The connection point may be modified by means of an authorization by CENACE or the distributor.

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