The Tunisian Copyright Law was promulgated by the Law No. 36/1994 and Tunisia is a member to the Berne Convention. Although the law was published in the Official Gazette in 1994, but until now, no procedure has been implemented for registering copyright.

Protection is granted to authors of literary, artistic and scientific works whatever the value, kind or purpose or way of expression. Generally, the protection is provided for the works whose means of expression is writing, sound, drawing, image or motion picture. It also includes creative titles and computer software which are published, acted or displayed for the first time in Tunisia and maybe protected for the lifetime of the author plus 50 years following his/her death, not including software protection which is for 25 years from the grant. The National Council for Culture is entitled to authorize documentary, translations, educational, cultural or scientific use under certain conditions.

The Civil Court prosecutes all copyright acts of contravention and is entitled to confiscate revenues and counterfeit copies.

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