1. Types of Applications in Sri Lanka

Application for registration of a trade mark application in Sri Lanka can be filed under the following two categories: -

  • Ordinary Trademark Application refers to the trade mark application filed for single class of goods or services; or
  • Priority Trademark Application refers to application claiming priority from Convention country. A priority trademark application should be filed in Sri Lanka within six months from the date on which the trademark application was made in the convention country. For claiming priority in Sri Lanka from a convention application, a certified copy of the priority document needs to be filed with the National Intellectual Property Office, Sri Lanka
  • Multi class trademark applications that cover more than 1 class of goods and services cannot be filed.
  1. Information Required for filing Ordinary Trade Mark Application

The Sri Lankan trade mark law does not prescribe any special requirements/ legal formalities for filing application for registration of trade marks in Sri Lanka. Information required for filing trade mark application in Sri Lanka:-

  • Name of the applicant
  • Address of the applicant
  • Proposed mark
  • Specification of goods and services.
  • Five representation of mark
  • Color claim, if any.

Documents Required: A Power of Attorney duly executed by the authorized officer of the applicant is required for filing application for registration of the mark. The Power of Attorney: -

  • Can be printed on Plain A4 size paper;
  • Does not require legalization or notarization;
  • Corporate Seal or rubber stamp of applicant is to be affixed beneath the signature block.
  1. For filing Priority Trademark Application

        In its application for registration of a trade mark, the Applicant should specify the date and number of the earlier application with the name and country of the earlier applicant.

Within three (03) months of claiming priority furnish a copy of the earlier application certified by an appropriate authority of the convention country where it was filed.

  1. Filing of Trade Mark Application

An application for registration of the trademark can be filed with National Intellectual Property Office.

The National Intellectual Property Office on receipt of the application from the applicant or its authorized representative, as the case may be, shall verify the contents of the application to confirm their veracity and to check if they are in order. If all the information and documents are found to be in order, it will accept the application and shall allot an application number to the trade mark application.