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We have two things at our core: people – both ours and yours - and a focus on creativity, technology and innovation. Whether you are a fast growth start up or a large multinational business, we help you realise the potential in your people and navigate your strategic HR and legal issues, both nationally and internationally. Our award-winning employment team is one of the largest in the UK, with dedicated specialists in all areas of employment law and a track record of leading precedent setting cases on issues of the day. The team’s breadth of expertise is unrivalled and includes HR consultants as well as experts across specialisms including employment, immigration, data, tax and reward, health and safety, reputation management, dispute resolution, corporate and workplace environment.
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05 Oct 2022 Webinar: London UK

The delivery of advertising has undergone a digital transformation in the last 20 years. Digital media is now at the heart of any successful campaign, and advertisers and agencies are increasingly dependent on ad-tech platforms to deliver online advertising and ensure that it reaches the desired audience.

While the online advertising ecosystem has thrived, it is now under ever increasing pressures, including cost, technology and privacy & regulatory challenges. As a result, the world of adtech is becoming tricky to navigate. Our experts at Lewis Silkin regularly advise across the full spectrum of the ecosystem, from the advertisers and agencies that drive the campaign, to the publishers that deliver online advertising to their users, as well as the ad-tech vendors that sit in-between.

This session is intended to share some of their insight and will discuss the latest trends, legal update and technology developments to help you navigate this increasingly difficult area.

06 Oct 2022 Webinar: London UK

With constant changes in regulations and the differing trends that affect the public – alcoholic brands need to be versatile and flexible to keep ahead of market trends, while staying compliant with the ASA.

Alcohol ads often attract attention from various campaigning organisations who challenge any perceived weakness in compliance, so ASA investigations in this sector are common. There have been recent changes to liberalise the rules for advertising low alcohol brands, but at the same time there are increasing concerns about the use of influencers and targeting.

We will look further into the current challenges faced by this sector and the hot button issues for the ASA.

The legal and regulatory challenges that apply to alcohol marketing. In this session, we’ll focus on the following:

  • What are the key principles and rules?
  • What can we learn from recent ASA decisions?
  • What are the latest regulatory changes?
  • What have we spotted on the horizon?
06 Oct 2022 Roundtable: Hong Kong Hong Kong

In our latest session for HR professionals and in-house legal counsel, we will be considering how the Hong Kong courts have extended the implied duties in employment contracts owed by employers and employees, and in particular the implied “anti-avoidance term”.

In this virtual roundtable, we will be covering the following:

  • The implied terms in employment contracts owed by employers and employees including common law duties, such as the duty of mutual trust and confidence, the employee’s duty of fidelity and good faith, and the implied “anti-avoidance” term.
  • The circumstances in which a claim can be brought for breach of the implied term of mutual trust and confidence.
  • How an employee’s duty of fidelity and good faith can work alongside or instead of restrictive covenants relating to poaching employees, team moves, soliciting clients, etc.

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12 Oct 2022 Webinar: London UK

Our regular review will examine major recent and upcoming employment law developments.

There have been a number of significant cases recently, including important decisions on the calculation of holiday pay, the protection of gender-critical beliefs, and collective bargaining.

Although we still do not have the long-awaited Employment Bill, the government has recently drafted regulations on extending the ban on exclusivity clauses, released some new guidance on employment status, and backed some Private Members’ Bills on employment issues. Join us for an update on all these developments together with any other up-to-the-minute news.

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13 Oct 2022 Conference: London UK

The Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance (GALA) Advertising Law Conference 2022 takes place in London again after a long postponement due to Covid. This year we will explore the theme “Global Advertising in an Age of Crisis and Change”.

The afternoon will be your chance to hear from expert speakers from around the world, including key figures from advertising regulation. We’ll discuss how advertising is responding to some the major issues facing the world, such as the environmental and obesity crises, improving diversity and inclusion, and building trust in the digital economy. Afterwards, please join us and the world’s leading advertising lawyers for an evening of drinks, food and networking.

Our conference will focus on the challenges faced by brands and agencies around the world at a time of unprecedented change and multiple crises.

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18 Oct 2022 Webinar: London UK

The engagement landscape of today is markedly different to what we had several years ago – and use of third party staffing suppliers, known as employment businesses, is on the up.

Changes to the IR35 tax rules mean increased exposure for end user employers, driving many to avoid freelancers and seek alternative engagement models instead. There is a greater wish for flexibility from employees on how and where they work, which brings employment and tax law complications from working abroad. Businesses may also be looking to expand into new territories where they don’t have a presence. These are some of the reasons why it might be attractive to use a third party to employ your staff.

Employment businesses, umbrellas and employers of record are all potential solutions - but they need careful thought, as the supply of labour is governed by a strict regulatory regime with potentially hefty liabilities for getting things wrong.

18 Oct 2022 Webinar: London UK

There have been lots of data privacy legislative and regulatory developments both here in the UK and the EU. Join us at our next IHDC on 18 October 3pm-4pm when we will discuss some of the latest updates, including:


  • Data Protection and Digital Information Bill – where will it feature on the new PM’s priority list?
  • Online Safety Bill – making a comeback in the Autumn or kicked into the long grass?
  • AI Regulation Policy Paper – consultation closed, what next?
  • ICO’s annual Data Protection Practitioners Conference – what are the key takeaways?
  • ICO 25 – “empowering you through information” – what does this mean in practice?


As well as new legislation, there are lots of new acronyms! We will cover the key points from the Digital Services Act (DSA), Digital Markets Act (DMA), Data Governance Act (DGA), Data Act, EU AI Act and of course the latest on the long awaited E-Privacy Regulation.

27 Oct 2022 Webinar: London UK

Automotive advertising is a red hot topic in the UK. This already competitive sector is having to meet new challenges, from exciting new technologies, to increased competition, supply issues, the need to showcase environmental credentials, and new ways of buying and selling cars.

All the while, the ASA is keeping a close eye on this sector with a view to better protecting consumers. We will look into the current challenges faced by this sector and the hot button issues for the ASA.

Why attend?

In order to have a successful automotive marketing campaign, it is vital that you understand the different challenges. Using a range of examples and case studies throughout the session, we will discuss:

  • Motoring-specific rules in the CAP & BCAP codes
  • The latest ASA decisions
  • Pricing and offers
  • The latest fuel economy and emission rules
  • Environmental claims
03 Nov 2022 Webinar: London UK

Did you know that 1 in 5 of us will be affected by disability at some point in our lives?

There are approximately 14.1 million disabled people in the UK – far more than you might realise. Typically, we think of a wheelchair user but many people are also living with invisible disabilities and have much wider access needs than we might realise. In recognition of International Day of Persons with Disabilities on 3 December, we are running an online event to challenge our perception of disability. We will discuss what steps an employer can take to create more awareness for those impacted directly and indirectly, whether employees, visitors or those applying for a job and how the introduction of a disability passport can make a real difference.

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07 Nov 2022 Workshop: London UK

Our academies are delivered in a practical and engaging way using real-life examples, and case studies to really bring the issues to life. Our sessions are as interactive as ever (even online) and you will be able to ask the questions you want of our experts.

The Employment Law Academy is designed for junior and mid-level HR professionals, HR Directors who are new to the UK and Heads of Legal who are new to employment matters.

This four half-day course enables you to increase your knowledge and focus on key areas of employment law in depth. Delivered in a practical and engaging way, we use real examples, filmed case studies and group discussion to bring the issues to life.

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