Oil & Gas Supermajors

In this report, we put a lens on the invention and innovation being made in critical technologies powering the energy transition. We look at the seven oil & gas supermajors - BP, Chevron, ConocoPhilips, Eni, ExxonMobil, Shell, and Total Energies.

We take advantage of structured, cleansed & classified patent data as an independent indicator to evaluate the pace of innovation and top owners of invention across energy transition specific technology areas. These include Photovoltaics, Batteries, Wind Turbines, Fuel Cells and Hydroelectric.

Using our recently launched Universal Technology Taxonomy (UTT) classification tool, we gain immediate insight into the top invention owners and innovators across next generation disruptive technology areas.

This report on, Energy Transition of Oil and Gas Supermajors, has uncovered the following insights:

  • The supermajors have relatively low level of patenting compared to leaders in other industries.
  • Supermajors innovation has been weighted towards technology areas associated with the categories of Materials, Mechanical and Sensors & Optics.
  • The balance of competitive advantage for energy producers is shifting from hydrocarbon resource-access to ownership of the underlying technologies that are enabling the energy transition.

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