Marks & Clerk LLP were delighted to attend the launch event of the 2022 Cambridge Biomedical Cluster map, an insightful project undertaken by in collaboration with Brockton Everlast. The cluster map (which can be viewed at highlights the breadth and depth of the biomedical landscape of Cambridge, with a host of diverse biomedical companies having a base here, as well as a world leading university, hospitals and research institutes.

The map shows that the Cambridge Biomedical Cluster is an epicentre for new businesses and innovation, with 52% of the cluster being classed as micro-enterprises. However, Cambridge is not short of small – medium and large enterprises, hosting 7 of the world's top pharmaceutical companies, offering a unique hub of biomedical expertise and innovation, with opportunities for collaboration. The 397 biomedical companies forming the cluster shows that Cambridge remains a key player in the biomedical supply chain. The cluster includes a range of companies that develop biomedical instrumentation, research tools and reagents, contributing to Cambridge's position as a leader in biomedical research and innovation. Cambridge is also a major player in therapeutics, with a wide range of therapeutic companies undertaking leading R&D being based here, with a strong force of enterprises focusing on oncology therapeutics.

It is particularly exciting to see from the updated 2022 Cambridge Biomedical Cluster map that there was a 49% increase in companies created in the 2010's compared to the previous decade, and an average of 1 new company per month in the last 2 years. This highlights that the biomedical landscape in Cambridge is expanding. In particular, there has been growth in enterprises working in the area of medical devices. This is a rapidly moving field bringing together expertise from different areas, with Cambridge as a hub of technical excellence as well as biomedical excellence. We anticipate some breakthrough technologies will arise from growth in this area.

At Marks & Clerk LLP we have worked with several companies on the cluster map and have helped them protect their IP assets. We have in-depth knowledge across biomedical technologies including drug delivery, surgical equipment, diagnostic methods, small molecules and immunology. In addition to our vast expertise in biomedical technologies we have attorneys with expertise across emerging areas at the forefront of development of new medical technologies such as AI and machine learning and personalised medicine.

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