Tina Albright and Rebecca Tunney were quoted in an article, "USA Update: Engaging Women in Wealth Management," published by Citywealth. The article focuses on trends in women's financial planning and how they manage their wealth.

As noted in the article, an increasing number of women have moved into board positions and taken the lead in entrepreneurship, fueled by attitude shifts in the western world. Citing the latest Forbes 'America's Richest Self-Made Women' list, which features 60 women with a combined net worth of $71 billion and growing, Albright and Tunney commented that "More women are participating and leading the discussion and planning for their family's finances and wealth planning than ever before."

The article also reports there is no difference between men and women with respect to taking entrepreneurial risks. Albright and Tunney told Citywealth, "women are developing a greater appetite for risk as well as planning to achieve a level of certainty in providing a baseline of security for the financial future of themselves and their family."