Urgent action is required to fight climate change and Guernsey and London are ideally positioned to work together to accelerate green transformation, according to Sir Roger Gifford, Chair of the London Green Finance Initiative.

Speaking at the Guernsey Funds Forum event in London, Sir Roger thanked Guernsey for its contribution to finance solutions for climate change, which include the world's first regulated green fund product, launched in 2018.

Sir Roger stressed that urgent action was now required, as well as a longer-term focus on climate change mitigation. He believed that finance could be a catalyst for change in this area.

"These past few weeks have been extraordinary time for climate discussion and green finance. We're on a journey and still very early on it, but so much is happening," he told the conference.

"We are transforming society through green finance – I do believe in the power of money to change the way that we live."

He said it was entirely proper that the two jurisdictions could work together in green finance.

"We can be joined up in every possible way. The problems we are facing are cross-border. If we get the solutions right between us, then the funds flow will be so much greater. It has always been good between Guernsey and the UK, we work well together, and we can do exactly the same in green and we should work together."

Guernsey Green Finance and the London Green Finance Initiative will further cement relationships and agreement to work together at the City of London's City Week conference (20 and 21 May).

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