More than 1,300 curious humans and androids gathered in Limassol on the 8th and 9th of May for Reflect Festival to explore the impact of technology on our lives. For the second time, trendsetters, decision-makers, and pioneers came together to challenge the status quo and paint the picture of our lives disrupted by everything from AI to the changing world of business, innovation in health tech, new players in mobility, and climate change.

As promised, the insightful event delivered some of the most memorable and lasting impressions that we have experienced as a firm and generally, as a country.

The event evolved around the topics of how technology disrupts our everyday lives, including discussions about sustainability and natural energy, artificial intelligence for decision-makers and the future of customer service empowered by AI, including Sofia, the world's first android citizen.

Our managing partner, Elias Neocleous, held an interview with Sofia and discussed whether humans and robots can co-exist, and even be friends.

"We are already working in malls and airports and we have started breaking into medicine and education. I think pretty soon robots like me will be as widespread as smartphones are now" Sofia quickly responded.

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