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Any person who has commenced employment in Guernsey since 1 December 1989 must possess a Right to Work document.
If you are launching a fund in Guernsey, you need to get approval from the Guernsey Financial Services Commission ("GFSC") and, in the case of listed funds, the appropriate market authority.
It is unlawful to discriminate in the employment field in Guernsey on the grounds of sex or marital status.
Guernsey pioneered the concept of the cellular company and has been instrumental in establishing these innovative vehicles as internationally recognised corporate entities.
A trade mark is a sign (perhaps a word, design, packaging, logo, shape, sound, fragrance or colour) which acts as a badge of origin, linking a particular product with the owner of the sign.
By Elaine Gray
Picture the scene. There are 20 of you in the funds team. You go to the annual conference and spend the morning in a series of presentations. After lunch, you are split into 2 groups and are told to go to separate rooms for further sessions.
Generally speaking, an employee who works wholly or mainly in Guernsey and who has been continuously employed for at least one year has the right under Guernsey law not to be unfairly dismissed.
Patent law protects new inventions which have a possible industrial application.
Guernsey offers a pragmatic and responsive regime for the incorporation and day-to-day administration of companies.