Partner Natalie Hanlon Leh and Counsel Natalie Pous author this Bloomberg Law article, the third in a series of five articles written by WilmerHale discussing how the emergence of Internet of Things technologies will impact the automotive industry. The first article in the series, " The Developing Landscape of Internet of Things Standards for Cars," was published on November 5, and the second article, " IoV Technologies as Patentable Subject Matter After Alice," was published on November 20.

Excerpt: As outlined in prior articles in this series, the Internet of Things (IoT), or the connection of a variety of devices to collect and exchange data through the internet, has broad potential to impact the automotive industry. The IoT is changing how users interact with cars, for example by connecting smart devices to cars or incorporating sophisticated user interfaces that can control everything from navigation to streaming music and self-driving and parking features. Moreover, the IoT appears set to fundamentally change how technology is developed for the automotive industry. Read the full article.

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