The Draft Law which introduces amendments to Civil Registration Services Law ("CRS Law") along with certain other laws has been presented to the Parliament.

With the draft law, the terms "Data Sharing Board" and "competent authority" are added into the CRS Law.

According to the Draft, each person shall have a single record that is to be kept in electronic format in family registries. Records in relation to the persons and events will be associated with that person's identity number. The Ministry of Interior will be authorized on the matter.

Information on custody and guardianship will be added to family registries. Information on circumstances that requires custody and guardianship shall be kept only in electronic form.

Foreigners who are granted residence permit will be registered in the registry of foreigners with their ID number which will be given by the Ministry of Interior. The Ministry will be authorized to give identity numbers to foreigners regardless of whether or not they hold a residence permit, members of the diplomatic missions are excluded.

When the draft law passes, it will be possible to notify births at the health centers where the birth takes place along with birth registration offices and foreign representatives.

In the absence of parents or guardians, the birth notification shall be made by the child's grandparents or his/her adult siblings or those who live with the child.

The name given to the child will be written with no more than three names and without any abbreviation.

Turkish Citizenship Law is also amended by the Draft. Accordingly, basic principles applicable to the acquisition of Turkish citizenship shall be determined by the Ministry of Interior in consideration of the views of relevant public institutions and organizations.

A foreigner who wishes to acquire Turkish citizenship may be out of Turkey for a total period of 9 months within the requested residence time.

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