This report by Von Seidels highlights some of the latest inventions in the tech field recently published in the South African Patent Journal, including electronic, mobile, software and IT related patents.

New inventions featured in this month's report include:

Smart Display: Methods, apparatuses and computer program products for grouping content in augmented reality (2013/2889 – Nokia Corporation).

Energy: Energy interface system (2013/06267 – Milbank Manufacturing Co.).

Software: Using text messages to interact with spreadsheets (2013/03769 – Microsoft Corporation).

Messaging: A message handling system that translates sent or received messages into a selected language (2013/06035 – Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.).

Telecommunications: A bypass detection system resembling human behaviour (2013/06851 – Meucci Solutions NV).

Energy Storage: Thermal storage facility especially suitable for concentrating solar power installations (2013/07450 – Stellenbosch University).

E-toll System: Method for charging location usages (2014/00438 – Kapsch TrafficCom AG).

By Nicholas Watermeyer (under the supervision of Érik van der Vyver)

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