This report, by Von Seidels, highlights some of the latest inventions in the tech field (including electronic, mobile, mechanical, software/IT) recently published in the South African Patent Journal.

New inventions featured in this month's report include:

Automobile: Hydrogen and gas engine (2013/00103 - Alset IP S AR.L.)

Car Insurance: Scan and assess it (2013/05336 - Inivit Systems (Pty) Ltd).

Car Insurance: Computing car theft (2013/05335 - Discovery Holding Limited).

Ecommerce: Secured contactless payment (2013/03012 - Barclays Bank PLC).

Energy: Electricity generating shock absorbers (2013/00757 - The Research Foundation of SUNY)

Office Management: Adapting time scheduler (2013/05516 - DE BEER, Deon).

Mobile Apps: Bet on the stock market (2013/05392 - KLIGMAN, Ilya, MIGALEV, Cergey).

Mobile: Attach a card reading device (2013/06868 - Coatmen Technology Integration Ltd).

Social Media: How your post interact (2012/08674 - Facebook Inc).

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By Jak Erasmus (under the supervision of Érik van der Vyver)

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