Amidst the ongoing feud between Valor IT and the Department of Trade and Industry, the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission revealed that it is taking steps to revamp its legacy IT systems.

We all recall minister Rob Davies' decision to cancel the multimillion rand contract with Valor IT, which would have given birth to a new enterprise content management system, and the legal battle that ensued between the parties thereafter. Despite the ongoing battle, the CIPC, which came into being in May, has now decided to proceed with a revamp of its legacy IT systems in order to improve customer service and overall performance. Consumers are battling to register new company names and organisations are struggling to lodge annual returns. Currently, the Commission has 30 000 applications for new company registrations or name reservations, just waiting to be processed. They currently process between 2 500 and 3 000 applications daily, but are unhappy with their turnaround time.

The decision to proceed with a revamp of its IT systems is the Commission's first step in trying to speed up the process and improve service delivery. They envisage this revamp to be completed by October 2012. They are also getting ready to go on tender for a new IT system in order to replace its current infrastructure and hope to do so by the third quarter of 2011.

Baby steps, but steps in the right direction nonetheless.

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