1887  The discovery of the Witwatersrand goldfields in 1886 and the
      subsequent formation of mining and financial companies, meant
      investors needed a facility through which to buy and sell 
      shares.  Benjamin Woollan provided that facility when he 
      founded the JSE in November 1887.

1963  The JSE was admitted as a member of the Federation 
      Internationale des Bourses de Valuers (FIBV).

1985  The first appointment of an independent businessman as JSE 
      executive president.

1987  The JSE celebrated its centenary on 8 November 1987.

1993  The JSE became an active member of the African Stock Exchanges 

1994  The Research report into the structure of the JSE was published
      in May 1994.

      The JSE was granted designation by the Japan Securities Dealers 
      Association on 9 December 1994.

1995  On 8 November 1995 the requirement that all stockbrokers be 
      South African citizens was abolished, the South African 
      Institute of Stockbrokers which is responsible for examination, 
      admission, and disciplining of stockbrokers was formed and the 
      option of corporate membership with limited liability subject 
      to the appropriate capital requirements was introduced. The 
      trading entity is now the member. Additionally, ownership of 
      members by non-stockbrokers is allowed subject to the passing 
      of a fit and proper test. This enables, inter alia, banks to 
      operate stockbroking businesses.

1996  On 15 May 1996 , the formal bond market passed from the JSE to 
      the Bond Exchange of South Africa which is licensed as a 
      financial market in terms of the Financial Markets Control Act.

      Following the closure of the open outcry trading floor on 7 
      June 1996, an order driven centralised automated trading system 
      known as the Johannesburg Equities Trading (JET) system was 
      introduced together with dual trading capacity and negotiated 


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