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New Law On Unfair Trade Practices In The Food Retail Sector
Slovakia has a history of legislation focused on regulating business to business relationships in the food retail sector.
5 Jul 2019
Bulgarian Courts And The Deepest Recesses Of Marketing
This article aims to examine the arguments of the Bulgarian courts pronounced in the judgments of two court instances on a single administrative court case.
30 Apr 2019
What Does "Limited Space" Mean Under The Act On Distance Contracts And Off-Premises Contracts?
A German company distributed a six-page (each 19 x 23.7 cm) advertising leaflet inserted in various newspapers and magazines
25 Apr 2019
What Does "Limited Space" Mean Under The Act On Distance Contracts And Off-Premises Contracts ("FAGG"; Fern- und Auswärtsgeschäfte-Gesetz")?
Directive 2011/83/EU of 25 October 2011 on consumer rights and the Fern- und Auswärtsgeschäfte-Gesetz impose many information obligations on traders before the consumer is bound by a distance or off-premises contract, ...
9 Apr 2019
Proposal For EU Directive On Unfair Trading Practices In Business-To-Business Relationships In The Food Supply Chain
Can European farmers be certain that a bottle of milk or a kilo of apples will remain more expensive than a bottle of mineral water?
28 Mar 2019
Proposal Of The European Parliament And Of The Council For A Regulation On Promoting Fairness And Transparency For Business Users Of Online Intermediation Services
Many businesses sell goods and services through online platforms such as, Google or Amazon and depend on them to find potential business partners, reach consumers and conclude contract).
4 Mar 2019
HCA Publishes Digital Consumer Protection Strategy
The Hungarian Competition Authority (HCA) recently published a strategy paper presenting its views on consumer protection in the digital age.
18 Dec 2018
New Deal For Consumers - A Proposal To Strengthen Collective Redress
The European Commission has just published its comprehensive proposal for the so-called "New Deal for Consumers", which aims to strengthen EU consumer rights and enforcement.
European Union
23 Apr 2018
Competition Authority Adopts New Approach To Gathering Electronic Evidence During Dawn Raids
The Office for Competition and Consumer Protection carried out dawn raids at premises of companies operating in the fitness sector.
25 Oct 2017
New Polish Food Law Seeks To Counteract The Unfair Use Of Contractual Advantage
On 12 July 2017, a new act on counteracting the unfair use of contractual advantage in trade in agricultural and food products (the "Act") will enter into force in Poland.
28 Mar 2017
Legislative Vacuum Filled: Czech Republic Introduces Comprehensive New National Legislation On E-Cigarettes
New legislation regulating e-cigarettes in the Czech Republic entered into force on 1 March 2017, introducing specific safety and quality requirements on e-cigarettes in the country for the first time.
Czech Republic
9 Mar 2017
The Czech Republic Joins Other European Countries In Regulating The Sale And Advertising Of Unhealthy Food To Schoolchildren
From January 2017, selling and/or advertising chips, soft drinks or mayonnaise-filled sandwiches to children in schools will be illegal.
Czech Republic
13 Dec 2016
New Rules On Labelling Products That Use Frozen Food In The Preparation Process
As of 20 October 2016, new legal provisions are in place in Romania setting out how consumers should be informed of products that use frozen foods in their preparation.
9 Nov 2016
HCA And NIPN Conclude Cooperation Agreement For Pharmaceutical Consumer Protection Cases
Pharmaceutical companies and other healthcare suppliers have always been of special interest to the Hungarian Competition Authority (HCA) due to the associated public health concerns.
25 Aug 2016
Traders' Obligations Under The New Consumers Protection Act
The Act implemented provisions of the EU Directive on Consumer Rights of 25 October 2011 (2011/83/EU) and abolished the previously binding Polish act on the protection on certain consumers' rights and dangerous products.
21 May 2015
New Consumer Rights Act And New Rules Of Sales For Everybody
On 25 December 2014, the Consumer Rights Act, which also amended the Civil Code and introduced several new regulations on sales contracts concerning goods and services, entered into force.
6 Feb 2015
Shops Shall Close On Sunday – Against All International Trends
On 15 December 2014, the Hungarian Parliament voted for the Sunday closure of shops as of 15 March 2015. This closure will apply to grocery, clothing, DIY, furniture, and electronics shops, as well as all other kinds of specialised retail stores.
17 Dec 2014
What Will Banks Need To (Re)Pay Their Borrowers?
In recent years, bank customers in Hungary have initiated numerous litigations claiming that their loan agreements are illegal, invalid, or null and void for a variety of reasons.
2 Nov 2014
Simply The Best: The Risks In Stating Your Product Is Superior To All Others
The author discusses some important aspects when using superiority claims in advertising and potential sanctions for non-compliance.
28 Jan 2014
Promotional Bonuses – Anything Goes?
Following the abolishment of the Austrian prohibition of promotional bonuses, the admissibility of such sales promotion activities businesses is still confronted with certain pitfalls.
28 Jan 2014
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