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Third Circuit Upholds Chesapeake Bay TMDL
On July 6, the Third U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals issued its ruling in the case of American Farm Bureau Federation v. EPA (No. 13-4079).
United States
14 Jul 2015
Haze Of Uncertainty Surrounds EPA Vapor Intrusion Rules
McGuireWoods partners Don Anderson, Benne Hutson and Jim Thornhill discuss the uncertainty surrounding the Environmental Protection Agency's finalized vapor intrusion guidance.
United States
8 Jul 2015
Supreme Court Strikes Down EPA's Mercury And Air Toxics Standard
Delivering a sharp blow to President Obama's efforts to regulate coal plants, the U.S. Supreme Court invalidated the Environmental Protection Agency's 2012 Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS) rule.
United States
6 Jul 2015
Year In Preview: 2015 Heralds Big Changes Under The Clean Air Act
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has a robust Clean Air Act agenda for 2015.
United States
16 Feb 2015
China Orders Firms To Begin Reporting Carbon Emissions
The NDRC will require all companies that emitted more than 13,000 tons of CO2 in 2010 to report their future annual emissions of all 6 major greenhouse gases.
United States
24 Mar 2014
Shareholders Increase Corporate Demands On Climate Risks
Activist investors will put forward a record 142 shareholder resolutions during the upcoming proxy season.
United States
14 Mar 2014
EPA (Finally) Publishes Proposed Rule For Carbon Pollution Standards For New Fossil-Fuel Power Plants In Federal Register: 60 Day Comment Period For Public Comment
The EPA proposed rule to set GHG emission performance standards for fossil-fuel powered electric generating units, was published in the Federal Register yesterday after almost three months since EPA first issued it.
United States
10 Jan 2014
China To Assign Environmental Protection Credit Ratings
China has pledged to cut carbon emissions per unit of economic output "by as much as 45 percent from 2005 levels" by (in part) assigning credit ratings to companies in industries with heavy pollution or overcapacity based on their efforts to protect the environment.
United States
8 Jan 2014
Still Up In The Air
On 16 October 2013, the European Commission brought out a proposal which would extend the European Union greenhouse gas Emissions Trading System to cover GHG emissions from the aviation sector occurring or associated with flights in European regional airspace.
United States
7 Nov 2013
California Air Resources Board Releases New Mine Methane Capture Offset Protocol
On Aug. 14, 2013, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) released a draft of proposed compliance offset protocols, most notably one concerning methane emissions from mining (MMC).
United States
20 Aug 2013
California ARB To Link Carbon Market With Quebec
The California Air Resources Board has recently voted unanimously to formally link its carbon market with a similar greenhouse gas cap-and-trade market program established by the Canadian province of Quebec.
United States
25 Apr 2013
Environment 2013: Climate Issues
Despite uncertainty over what additional action the United States might take regarding climate change, many businesses, financial institutions, U.S. states and other countries are moving forward to address climate issues in various ways.
14 Feb 2013
Environment 2013: Clean Air Act Issues
A discussion on a number of issues brought it by the new Clean Air Act developments in 2013, including the development of key EPA rulemakings governing greenhouse gas emissions from new and, by separate rule, existing coal and gas power plants.
United States
11 Feb 2013
The D.C. Circuit Vacates The Cross-State Air Pollution Rule
In a sure to be controversial 2-1 decision, complete with a blistering 44-page dissent, the D.C. Circuit vacated EPA’s Cross-State Air Pollution Rule, alternately known as the Transport Rule ("CSAPR" or the "Rule").
United States
30 Aug 2012
DC Circuit Affirms EPA GHG Regulations
Numerous companies, trade associations and states had filed challenges to various aspects of the EPA’s actions and rulemakings.
United States
4 Jul 2012
Public Trust Doctrine No Basis For Judicial GHG Controls
In a closely watched decision (Alec. L., et al. v. Jackson, 1:11-cv-2235 (RLW) May 31, 2012), the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia held that the public trust doctrine provided no jurisdiction for federal courts to require federal agencies to regulate emissions of greenhouse gases ("GHGs").
United States
14 Jun 2012
An "Additional" Challenge To California's GHG Cap-And-Trade Regime
In the latest swipe at California’s greenhouse gas (GHG) cap-and-trade program (hereinafter "carbon market"), on March 28, 2012, two environmental groups filed suit specifically challenging the compliance eligibility of emission reduction offset credits issued to certified offset projects (stand-alone projects that reduce GHG emissions that would not have otherwise occurred) under California’s Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 (AB 32).
United States
20 Apr 2012
EPA Proposes "Thought Piece" GHG Performance Standards For New Power Plants
On March 27, 2012, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released a much-anticipated proposal to set output-based limits on carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from new fossil fuel-fired power plants.
United States
16 Apr 2012
Environment 2012: Air Emission And Climate Change Issues
This year continues the confusing flow of administrative, judicial and legislative actions aimed at developing, changing or halting efforts to regulate air emissions, including the emission of greenhouse gases.
United States
9 Feb 2012
Boiler MACT: Now What?
In the latest chapter of a story that has more twists than a Hitchcock movie, on Monday, Jan. 9, 2012, the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia vacated EPA’s administrative stay of the industrial boiler MACT and solid waste incinerator NSPS rules, making them effective immediately.
United States
18 Jan 2012
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