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EPA Proposes Revisions To Clarify New Source Review Permitting Process – Updating "Project Emissions Accounting"
Consistent with guidance issued by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in March 2018, the Agency has now proposed to codify changes to the New Source Review (NSR) applicability regulations...
United States
9 Aug 2019
Illinois Supreme Court Affirms Pollution Control Board's Clean Construction Or Demolition Debris Rules, And Articulates Guidelines For Determining If Agency Action Is Arbitrary Or Capricious
The Illinois Supreme Court recently affirmed that the Illinois Pollution Control Board's clean construction or demolition debris (CCDD) rules were not arbitrary and capricious.
United States
8 Jul 2019
USEPA Determines Pollutant Releases To Groundwater From Point Source Do Not Require NPDES Permit
While on its face the Interpretive Statement sounds definitive, it is anything but.
United States
6 Jun 2019
Trump Administration Superfund Related Activities
Under the Trump Administration, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has fully or partially deleted 22 sites from the CERCLA National Priorities List (NPL).
United States
14 Mar 2019
Periodic Operation and Maintenance Walkthrough Inspections Required for Illinois UST Facility Owners and Operators
The walkthrough inspection requirement took effect on October 13, 2018, and replaces the previous requirement to conduct quarterly equipment inspections.
United States
10 Dec 2018
USEPA Administrator Pruitt Issues Memo To Update Agency Use Of Clean Water Act Section 404(C) Veto Power
Last week before his departure USEPA Administrator Pruitt notified the regulated community that he had directed the Agency to update regulations governing the Agency's use of Section 404(c) ...
United States
25 Jul 2018
EPA Proposes Recycling Aerosol Cans As Universal Waste
EPA announces its proposal to streamline the regulation of hazardous waste aerosol cans by adding them to the list of materials that can be managed under the Universal Waste management system.
United States
14 Mar 2018
U.S. EPA Moves Program Responsibilities Back To Resource-Starved States
In a guidance document issued last week, U.S. EPA sets out to deliberately move environmental enforcement responsibilities back to the states.
United States
5 Feb 2018
EPA Withdraws "Once In Always In" Policy For Major HAP Sources
In another example of business-friendly regulatory agency actions, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has just rescinded the "Seitz Memo" associated with the "Once In, Always In" ...
United States
1 Feb 2018
You Can't Do That! DC Circuit Vacates EPA's HFCs Rule
Businesses and industries that had been impacted by the EPA's HFCs rule may wish to monitor EPA's response to this opinion carefully.
United States
16 Aug 2017
U.S. EPA Delays Effectiveness Of Obama Era Chemical Safety Regulation
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's new rules to strengthen the Clean Air Act's Risk Management Program (RMP), 40 C.F.R. Part 68, were first adopted on January 13, 2017 ...
United States
23 Jun 2017
EPA Proposes Ban On Certain Uses Of Trichloroethylene (TCE)
Seyfarth Synopsis: In a significant proposal, EPA moves to ban the use of TCE in aerosol degreasing and spot cleaning at dry cleaning facilities, as part of a larger effort to ban TCE...
United States
5 Jan 2017
EPA Releases Final Report On Impacts On Drinking Water From Hydraulic Fracturing
Seyfarth Synopsis: With significant objection from Industry, EPA has issued its Final Report on whether hydraulic fracturing activities can impact drinking water resources under certain circumstances.
United States
21 Dec 2016
Big Changes Coming – EPA Publishes Its Hazardous Waste Generator Improvements Rule
The EPA's new "Hazardous Waste Generator Improvements Rule," while containing some changes that industry welcomes, also contains new requirements that present challenges for the regulated community.
United States
5 Dec 2016
U.S. Army Corps Of Engineers Issues Regulatory Guidance Letter On Approved Jurisdictional Determinations
The USACE has just issued a Regulatory Guidance Letter which provides to property owners (including developers) the right of appeal USACE Approved Jurisdictional Determinations.
United States
11 Nov 2016
EPA's New Strategy For Addressing The Retail Sector Under RCRA
EPA publishes new Retail Strategy in an attempt to address the unique challenges the retail sector faces in complying with RCRA's hazardous waste regulations.
United States
4 Oct 2016
DOT Publishes Final Rule On "Safe Reverse Logistics" For Retail "Returns" Of Hazardous Materials To Distribution Centers
The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) just announced that it has amended the Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR).
United States
6 Apr 2016
U.S. EPA To Require Stronger Chemical Safety Regulation
The proposal, among other changes, would impose (a) additional accident prevention requirements, (b) strengthen emergency response obligations, and (c) provide enhanced availability of public information.
United States
4 Apr 2016
EPA Modernizes The Audit Policy
The new Portal will serve as an alternative to traditional paper or telephone disclosures, with the EPA encouraging users to use the eDisclosure Portal to make the disclosure process faster and more efficient.
United States
23 Dec 2015
EPA Says "Stop" – Don't Dump Those Drugs Down The Drain
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency this week released a pre-publication copy of a proposed rule on pharmaceutical hazardous wastes in healthcare and related industries that will significantly affect our healthcare clients.
United States
9 Sep 2015
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