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Fourth And 'Fifth' Anti-Money Laundering Directives: Implementing AML Updates And UBO Registers In Cyprus
The European Union's Fourth Anti-Money Laundering Directive 2015/849 (4AMLD), was adopted by the European Parliament and Council on 20 May 2015.
19 Mar 2017
Private Wealth Structuring In The BVI
The rise in the number of global HNWIs has seen an increase in demand for lifestyle assets such as yachts, art work, prime real estate and private jets.
British Virgin Islands
13 Dec 2016
Bermuda, BVI And Cayman Are Now 'White-List' Jurisdictions For Italian Tax Purposes
In April 2015 the BVI, the Cayman Islands and certain other jurisdictions were removed from Italy's blacklist of jurisdictions.
British Virgin Islands
11 Oct 2016
Anguilla Snapshot: Options And Advantages
Anguilla, or "British Anguilla" is an attractive jurisdiction to North America's private equity market; but what other corporate options does it offer, and how is it different from the BVI?
16 Sep 2016
Brazilian Special Tax And Currency Exchange Regularization Regime
RERCT provides for the regularization of unreported assets of lawful origin, remitted, maintained abroad or repatriated until 31 December 2014 by Brazilian residents.
14 Mar 2016
Applicability Of Ancient English Statutes In Common Law Offshore Jurisdictions
Most offshore jurisdictions use every effort to ensure that the key statutes and laws relating to financial services business are updated regularly to keep pace with the changing landscape of cross-border commerce.
British Virgin Islands
7 Oct 2015
De-registering A Fund In Cayman
There comes a time in a registered Cayman fund's life when it needs to de-register from the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority.
Cayman Islands
30 Sep 2015
Private Banking -- A Shifting Landscape
The legacies of the global financial crisis continue to permeate the global landscape.
British Virgin Islands
6 May 2015
Overview Of Anguillan Company Law
Although not normally regarded as being in the first tier of traditional offshore jurisdictions, 2015 is shaping up to be an exciting year for financial services in Anguilla (or "British Anguilla", as it sometimes likes to brand itself).
25 Mar 2015
A Consolidation Of The BVI Mutual Legal Assistance (Tax Matters) Act, 2003
This guide presents a consolidation of the British Virgin Islands Mutual Legal Assistance (Tax Matters) Act, 2003.
British Virgin Islands
13 Jan 2015
The Many Benefits Of British Virgin Islands Investment Funds
The British Virgin Islands is often chosen as a jurisdiction for investment managers to set up their fund vehicles.
British Virgin Islands
30 Jul 2014
Creating And Registering Security Interests Over Assets In A BVI BC
Entering into security financing transactions with BVI Business Companies (BCs) is a familiar part of the global financial services landscape.
British Virgin Islands
30 Jul 2014
The Effects Of A Mandatory Register Of Beneficial Ownership In The BVI
Some of the many attractions of the British Virgin Islands are the relatively sophisticated legal system, low operating costs and creditor friendly insolvency regime.
British Virgin Islands
7 Jul 2014
BVI Signs "UK FATCA" And US FACTA Is Expected To Follow
The British Virgin Islands ("BVI") Government signed an agreement ("UK/BVI IGA") with the United Kingdom providing for automatic exchange of financial information relating to UK tax payers who hold accounts with BVI financial institutions, in November 2013.
British Virgin Islands
12 Feb 2014
Deficiencies In Belize And Guyana AML Compliance Highlighted
Deficiencies in anti-money laundering compliance in Belize and Guyana have been highlighted by the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF) and the British Virgin Islands (BVI) regulator.
British Virgin Islands
2 Feb 2014
Guide To The British Virgin Islands Approved Manager Regime
This guide provides an overview of the British Virgin Islands’ Approved Manager regime.
British Virgin Islands
8 Jan 2014
Cayman Achievements In Peer Reviews And AIFMD Compliance
The Cayman Islands have moved forward in terms of peer reviews and AIFMD compliance.
Cayman Islands
29 Nov 2013
Multiple Derivative Actions In The BVI: Tried But Not Tested?
On 8 August 2013, the Court of Appeal issued its ruling in the case of Microsoft Corporation v Vadem Ltd
British Virgin Islands
4 Nov 2013
New Amendments Keep BVI Trusts At Cutting Edge
New legislation has been recently enacted to further refine the trust legislation, especially the use of Private Trust Companies and VISTA trusts, which will help to ensure that BVI remains at the cutting edge of international trust planning and a jurisdiction of choice for high net worth families from around the globe.
British Virgin Islands
9 Jun 2013
The British Virgin Islands And Investment Funds
An overview of the various investment fund vehicles available in the British Virgin Islands.
British Virgin Islands
5 May 2013
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