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ILS In The Cayman Islands (2017)
In this article John Dykstra discusses the appeal of the Cayman Islands as the jurisdiction of choice for cat bonds and other ILS products.
Cayman Islands
5 Jul 2017
Tax Administration
There is no doubt that the various regulatory changes we have seen in recent years have created a heightened administrative environment for SPV issuers and their investment managers.
Cayman Islands
9 Mar 2017
Cayman Islands FATCA Notification And Reporting Deadlines Fast Approaching
Reporting Financial Institutions are reminded to complete any applicable FATCA notification and reporting through the Portal on or before the deadline of Wednesday, 10 August 2016.
Cayman Islands
4 Aug 2016
Alternative Investment Funds Guide 2016: British Virgin Islands
The Securities and Investment Business Act, 2010, as amended, and its subsidiary legislation, including the Securities and Investment Business (Incubator and Approved Funds) Regulations, 2015, provides for the regulation of open-ended mutual funds, among other matters.
British Virgin Islands
9 Jun 2016
Improving The Cayman Product: FATCA And The Adoption Of Third Party Rights
Mark Matthews provides an overview of the banking, financial services and regulatory environment in the Cayman Islands for the Global Banking & Financial Policy Review 2014/2015, published by Euromoney Institutional Investor.
Cayman Islands
29 Jul 2015
What's Coming Next? Deadline Dates For Automatic Exchange Of Tax Information Under FATCA And CRS
In previous updates we have alerted clients to the introduction of Cayman Islands regulations1, which give effect to the automatic exchange of tax information principles established by the US and UK intergovernmental agreements.
Cayman Islands
3 Mar 2015
US FATCA And Cayman Funds: Due Diligence
On 29 November 2013, the Cayman Islands government signed a Model 1B (i.e. non- reciprocal) intergovernmental agreement with the United States of America.
Cayman Islands
17 Apr 2014
Impact Of FATCA On Irish Funds And Securitisation Companies
The FATCA is US legislation designed to enable the IRS to obtain information about the income of US persons from financial institutions outside the US.
5 Mar 2014
Hedge Funds In The Cayman Islands
The Cayman Islands make up the world's fifth largest financial centre.
Cayman Islands
25 Feb 2004
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