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Tax Treatment Of Investment Funds In Ireland - IFA 2019 National Reports (Cahiers)
IFA is the only international non-governmental and non-sectoral organisation dealing with fiscal matters.
24 Jul 2019
Funds - Ireland - Quarterly Update Q3 | July – September 2018
There have been a number of developments over the quarter:
25 Oct 2018
BVI AEOI Update And Introduction Of Country-By-Country Reporting
As part of the British Virgin Islands' ("BVI") ongoing commitment to international tax transparency pursuant to the Common Reporting Standard ("CRS")
British Virgin Islands
24 Oct 2018
Cayman AEOI Update: Deadline Extensions And Updated CRS Guidance Notes
The Department for International Tax Cooperation has made certain important announcements with respect to Cayman Islands Financial Institutions complying with their Automatic Exchange of Information obligations.
Cayman Islands
24 Apr 2017
Cayman Islands Issue OECD Common Reporting Standard Penalty Regulations
The Cayman Islands Tax Information Authority (International Tax Compliance) (Common Reporting Standard) (Amendment) Regulations, 2016 (the "Regulations") were issued on 19 December 2016.
Cayman Islands
22 Dec 2016
Cayman Islands FATCA And CRS Update – December 2016
Sponsored investment entities resident in a jurisdiction that has entered into a Model 1 intergovernmental agreement with the United States for FATCA (such as the Cayman Islands) that have US reportable accounts . . .
Cayman Islands
16 Dec 2016
BVI Guidance Notes On The Common Reporting Standard Issued
The British Virgin Islands ("BVI") International Tax Authority ("ITA") has issued a set of guidance notes (the "CRS Guidance Notes") to assist in the interpretation of the OECD's Standard for Automatic Exchange of Financial Information in Tax Matters ...
British Virgin Islands
25 Oct 2016
Cayman Islands FATCA Notification And Reporting Deadlines Fast Approaching
Reporting Financial Institutions are reminded to complete any applicable FATCA notification and reporting through the Portal on or before the deadline of Wednesday, 10 August 2016.
Cayman Islands
4 Aug 2016
Cayman Islands 2016 FATCA Notification & Reporting Deadlines Extended Further
Reporting FI's are advised to leave sufficient time to complete their notification and reporting before Wednesday, 10 August 2016, particularly if they opt to conduct their notification and reporting concurrently.
Cayman Islands
16 Jun 2016
BVI Automatic Exchange Of Information Registration And Reporting Deadlines
The government of the British Virgin Islands has recently clarified the filing deadlines under the various automatic exchange of information regimes in a number of bulletins and press releases.
British Virgin Islands
27 Apr 2016
Cayman Islands Automatic Exchange of Information Update – April 2016
Unless otherwise stated, capitalised terms used herein shall have the meaning given to them in prior updates.
Cayman Islands
13 Apr 2016
BVI Enacts Legislation Implementing OECD Common Reporting Standard
The principles under the BVI CRS Legislation are very similar to FATCA and the BVI US and UK FATCA legislation (collectively "FATCA"), although there are some important distinctions.
British Virgin Islands
15 Jan 2016
Cayman Islands Automatic Exchange Of Information Update
The TIA has published new entity and individual self-certification forms which address the account holder disclosure requirements under each of CRS, UK and US FATCA.
Cayman Islands
11 Dec 2015
OECD CRS - Exemption Secured For 'Old And Cold' Cayman CDO/CLO Issuers
The Cayman Islands Tax Information Authority has issued an advisory to confirm that the limited life debt investment entity exemption established under FATCA has been extended in the Cayman Islands to the OECD Common Reporting Standard.
Cayman Islands
10 Dec 2015
Cayman Islands Issue OECD Common Reporting Standard Regulations
The Cayman Islands Tax Information Authority (International Tax Compliance) (Common Reporting Standard) Regulations, 2015 (the "CRS Regulations") were issued on 16 October 2015.
Cayman Islands
24 Oct 2015
Cayman Islands FATCA Guidance Notes v2.1 Issued
The Cayman Islands Tax Information Authority issued version 2.1 of the Cayman Islands FATCA Guidance Notes (the "Guidance Notes") on 1 July 2015.
Cayman Islands
4 Jul 2015
CRS Update And Impending FATCA Return Deadline
Following the expiration of the 29 May 2015 notification deadline with the Cayman Islands Tax Information Authority, the next step for all Cayman Islands Reporting Financial Institutions is to submit a return...
Cayman Islands
18 Jun 2015
UK FATCA: ARR Deadline Approaching For UK Resident Non-Domiciled Individuals
In November 2013 the governments of the Cayman Islands and the British Virgin Islands ("BVI") entered into intergovernmental agreements with the United Kingdom ("UK IGAs")...
Cayman Islands
27 May 2015
Cayman AEOI Portal - FATCA Deadlines Extended Further
Further to our last update in relation to the extension of deadlines for both notification and reporting by Reporting Financial Institutions ("Reporting FIs") through the Cayman Islands AEOI Portal ("Portal"), the Department of International Tax Cooperation has issued a further advisory confirming the extension of the notification deadline to 29 May 2015 and the reporting (of US Reportable Accounts) to 26 June 2015.
Cayman Islands
22 May 2015
FATCA Reporting Obligations In The British Virgin Islands
Reporting FIs will be required to enrol with BVIFARS the first time they wish to access the system and this enrolment application will need to be approved by the ITA before access is granted.
British Virgin Islands
10 Apr 2015
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