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Limited Liability Companies
A limited liability company (an "LLC") is a new type of Cayman Islands vehicle similar to a Delaware LLC. This memorandum describes certain features of an LLC.
Cayman Islands
22 Oct 2016
Commencement Of The Cayman Islands Limited Liability Companies Law, 2016
We are delighted to report that the Limited Liability Companies Law, 2016 has commenced today, 8 July 2016, whereby a Cayman Islands Limited Liability Company will be available for the first time from Wednesday, 13 July 2016.
Cayman Islands
14 Jul 2016
Global Legal Insights – Mergers & Acquisitions 5th Edition
The Cayman Islands' global appeal results in it servicing clients from all corners of the globe, thereby offering a hedge against the full brunt of economic fluctuations...
Cayman Islands
4 May 2016
Changing Horizons: New Geographic Horizons To Seek Out Best Returns
Post-economic crisis the industry standard terms for private equity are being re-evaluated by all parties and many are looking to new geographic horizons to seek out the best returns.
Cayman Islands
1 Feb 2016
Late Filings Of Directors And Officer Details Of Cayman Islands Companies - Waiver Period And Changes In Deadlines And Penalties
The Cayman Islands government announced on 27 August 2015 that it would apply an amnesty to late filings of director and officer changes prior to the adoption of new penalty provisions.
Cayman Islands
2 Sep 2015
A Merger Without The Aftertaste - A Cayman Islands Recipe
Cayman Islands statutory mergers increased from 44 in 2010 to 113 in 2014, and show no signs of any slowdown.
Cayman Islands
6 Aug 2015
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