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Fair Pay Agreements – the model proposed
The Bolger-led tripartite Working Group produced a set of recommendations to design a Fair Pay Agreement (FPA) system.
New Zealand
7 Feb 2019
SME test returned for 90-day rule: Labour's proposed employment relations amendments
The legislation is not currently available, but Labour's proposed changes should not cause most businesses much concern.
New Zealand
27 Jan 2018
The first 100 days of Labour - for workplace law, immigration
This article looks closely at the detail and timing of the changes that can be expected from the new Labour government.
New Zealand
23 Oct 2017
What is at stake on 23 September (NZ elections) for workplace law, immigration
Workforce policy has always been a key area of difference between Labour and National and is again during this campaign.
New Zealand
6 Sep 2017
Workplace Watch: Issue 14, April 2017
Workplace Watch tracks legislative, regulatory and judicial developments in relation to the workplace.
New Zealand
9 Apr 2017
Government to zero in on zero hour contracts for employees
Employers will be required to commit to a minimum number of hours when an employee must be on call for additional work.
New Zealand
16 Jul 2015
The long awaited changes to the Employment Relations Act 2000 are now in force
This may be a timely opportunity to revisit your employment agreements and practices to ensure that they are compliant.
New Zealand
8 Mar 2015
Employment law change creates more flexible labour market
The Act will bring new flexibility to the labour market and reduces the ability of unions to organise and to recruit.
New Zealand
6 Nov 2014
New Zealand
20 Aug 2013
New employee maximum priority amount in business failures
The maximum priority amount for employees in liquidations, receiverships and bankruptcies increases from Sept 2012.
New Zealand
9 Sep 2012
Labour and employment
Discusses labour and employment for doing business in NZ.
New Zealand
3 Aug 2011
New workplace rules: key points
The Government’s employment law changes came into effect on 1 April 2011. This Brief Counsel focuses on the key practical issues that flow from the new amendments. This advice is necessarily generic and is not a substitute for specific advice in relation to your particular circumstances.
New Zealand
4 Apr 2011
Work computers - user rights v owner rights
A recent Ontario Court of Appeal decision, which recognises that employees can have privacy rights over personal information stored on work computers, underlines the importance of having clear workplace policies regarding computer use.
New Zealand
29 Mar 2011
The employment relationship in the aftermath of the quake
As Christchurch moves from the rescue and recovery phase, many businesses and employees will need to know what is going to happen in their workplace. This guide has been prepared to assist employers in the wake of the 22 February earthquake. It is necessarily brief and general, and is not a substitute for specific legal advice about your situation
New Zealand
28 Feb 2011
New employment and holidays law passed
The amendments to the Employment Relations Act and Holidays Act were passed by Parliament yesterday and now only need the royal assent to become law, likely to be early next week.
New Zealand
25 Nov 2010
Hobbit Employment Bill - small, but perfectly formed?
True to the terms of its deal with Warner Bros, the Government is rushing through a Bill to clarify the distinction between independent contractors and employees in the film industry.
New Zealand
29 Oct 2010
New Workplace Rules On The Way
Two Bills giving effect to the Government’s package of workplace changes recently passed their first reading, and were sent to select committee. Public submissions on the Employment Relations Bill close on 13 September 2010, with submissions on the Holidays Amendment Bill closing on 17 September 2010. A select committee report is expected in early November. This Brief Counsel provides a user-friendly guide to the Employment Relations Bill and Holidays Amendment Bill both of which are schedul
New Zealand
15 Sep 2010
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