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Price Caps – Now In Vogue?
There was once a time when the FCA (and its predecessor body, the FSA) would declare that it was "not a price regulator."
23 Oct 2018
The FCA Consults On Remedies To Engage And Protect Consumers Accessing Their Pensions
The FCA launched its Retirement Outcomes Review (ROR) Market Study in June 2016, in order to explore how the retirement income market had changed since pension freedoms were introduced in April 2015 ...
14 Aug 2018
Proposed New Rules On Cashing In - Will They Lead To A Tidal Wave Or A Trickle Of Transfers Out Of DB Schemes?
In recent months, the press has focussed increasingly on record pension transfer values and an apparent surge in the number of people looking to cash in their defined benefit (DB) pensions.
17 Aug 2017
The £350 Billion Question: Who Will Educate People About Pensions?
Most people don't want to think about how they are going to fund their retirement. It can be a scary proposition: you need a lot of money to retire these days.
29 Nov 2015
2015 – A View On The Pensions Landscape
With falling gilt yields UK pension schemes will have, in the main, seen their deficits significantly increase, with gilt yields being a key factor in the calculation of the current value of pension liabilities.
22 Apr 2015
Five Financial Services Trends For 2015
By most accounts, 2014 was a good year for financial services in the UK.
13 Feb 2015
What Will Savers Do With Their New Pension Freedom?
The Chancellor announced in the Budget that from April 2015 no-one will have to buy an annuity.
27 Jan 2015
Software Robotics – A Haven In A Perfect Virtual Storm?
A perfect storm is in full swing in the Life and Pensions sector – and, gladly, I don’t mean this winter’s extreme weather.
17 Apr 2014
Pensions Update - September 2012
This edition of Deloitte’s Pensions Update reviews a number of recent pension developments, including the main points from the much anticipated code of good practice for incentive exercises which was published in June 2012.
19 Sep 2012
Fit for Purpose - Do your DC Arrangements Shape Up?
For those responsible for setting pension scheme strategy and direction, these are testing times. Changing UK legislation governing pensions, volatile equity markets, and a growing ageing population are just a few examples of the challenges that pensions leaders need to respond to.
22 Mar 2011
Disappointment over failure to improve employment matters
Aside from measures already announced - the introduction of the 50% tax rate from 6 April, restriction of higher rate tax relief on pension contributions and 1% increases in National Insurance (NI) from April 2011 - today's Budget announced a raft of measures to counter planning designed to mitigate some of these changes.
24 Mar 2010
Banking And Capital Markets Insight, December 2009
Welcome to the December 2009 edition of Banking and Capital Markets Insight, which focuses on technical issues currently coming out of the banking, capital markets, securities and fund management arenas.
17 Dec 2009
Pensions: Tax Relief For Pension Contributions To Be Restricted
Higher rate income tax relief is being restricted for contributions by or on behalf of individuals to UK registered pension schemes and qualifying overseas pension schemes.
23 Apr 2009
Budget 2009 - Pension Schemes: Financial Assistance Scheme - Taxation Of Payments
When a defined benefit occupational pension scheme is no longer able to make payments to its pensioners it can in certain circumstances qualify for assistance from the Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS) to help meet its obligations.
22 Apr 2009
Announcement of legislation to confirm existing concessionary practice on the treatment of capital sums in pension schemes on death
Commenting on the announcement of legislation to confirm existing concessionary practice on the treatment of capital sums in pension schemes on death, applying up to the age of 75, Stuart Davies, wealth advisory director at Deloitte
22 Mar 2006
Deloitte Financial Services Fundamental News (Part Two)
The long anticipated Turner Report was published in November 2005. If the government acts on its recommendations, the UK pensions landscape will undergo and remarkable change.The most obvious benefit to the fund management industry would be the chance to add up to 12 million new customers to their books.
23 Feb 2006
Deloitte Financial Services Fundamental News
The FSA has gone to press with sharp criticism of recent online promotions for Venture Capital Trusts. The FSA cited a number of intermediaries who were accentuating the positive, but significantly underrating the negatives in their online communications. Claire Aquilina reports on the FSA’s concerns.
23 Feb 2006
Cutting to the chase. What adoption of Turner’s proposals could mean for you
On 30 November 2005, Lord Turner published his eagerly awaited recommendations for pension policy in the UK. This paper offers our views on the possible impact on employers and their pension schemes.
1 Dec 2005
Win, lose or draw. What the Turner report could mean for you
On 30 November 2005 Lord Turner published his eagerly awaited recommendations for pension policy in the UK. This short paper offers our views on his recommendations for a National Pension Savings Scheme (NPSS) and the possible implications to the Financial Services industry as both employers and providers of pensions business.
1 Dec 2005
Trends In Post A-Day Executive Pensions
With just six months to go before the start of the new simplified tax regime for UK pensions on 6 April 2006 (A-Day) many employers are currently working to develop policies for post A-Day executive pension provision.
2 Nov 2005
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