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Employment And Labor Quarterly Update - September 2018
As previously reported, both New York State and New York City recently enacted laws requiring employers to step up their efforts to stop sexual harassment in the workplace.
United States
28 Sep 2018
New Jersey Enacts a Broad and All-Encompassing Equal Pay Act
On Tuesday, April 24, Governor Phil Murphy signed into law the Diane B. Allen Equal Pay Act, which prohibits discrimination in employer compensation practices against members of all protected classes of employees and is not limited to gender.
United States
30 Apr 2018
Reorienting Title VII – Although The Second Circuit Expands Sexual Orientation Protections Under Federal Law, State Laws Remain More Favorable To Plaintiffs
On February 26, 2018, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals joined the Seventh Circuit in ruling that Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.
United States
5 Apr 2018
Revised EEO-1 Reporting Requirements Stayed Indefinitely
On August 29, the OIRA, which sits within the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), issued a memorandum staying indefinitely the expanded reporting requirements of the new EEO-1 form.
United States
1 Sep 2017
New York City Bans Employers From Asking Applicants About Salary History
On May 4, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio signed into law a bill banning employers from asking a job applicant about her salary history or relying on salary history to determine...
United States
10 May 2017
Gender Equity And CEPA Notice Distribution Reminder
The start of the year is a good time for employers to fulfill their requirements to annually distribute certain employment law notices to their employees. In particular, for certain New Jersey employers, there are two employment law notices that must be provided to all employees on an annual basis: the gender equity notice and the whistleblower notice required by the Conscientious Employee Protection Act ("CEPA").
United States
11 Jan 2016
New Jersey State Bill Would Limit Employers' Use Of Credit Checks
On January 14, 2014, four members of the New Jersey Senate introduced Bill No. S524, which prohibits employers from requiring credit checks on current or prospective employees.
United States
6 Jan 2016
Federal Agencies Cooperate to Take Enforcement Action Against Employers
Earlier this month, the Justice Department Civil Rights Division’s Office of Special Counsel for Immigration-Related Unfair Employment Practices ("Justice Department CRD") and the National Labor Relations Board ("NLRB") entered into a Memorandum of Understanding ("MOU") formally recognizing that the agencies will share information with each other.
United States
26 Jul 2013
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