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Web Exclusive - July 2019: The Top 18 Labor And Employment Law Stories
It's hard to keep up with all the recent changes to labor and employment law. While the law always seems to evolve at a rapid pace, there have been
United States
6 Aug 2019
Workplace HR And Safety Lessons From Movies: "Untouchable"
The first full documentary on the fall of film mogul Harvey Weinstein premiered at this year's Sundance Film Festival, and it can provide employers with an important reminder about the need
United States
27 Feb 2019
Top 50 Workplace Law Stories Of 2018
It's hard to keep up with the news these days. It sometimes feels like you can't step away from your phone, computer, or TV for more than an hour ...
United States
6 Dec 2018
Houston Attorney Talks ADA Requirements For Small Businesses
Small business leaders need to know what are their fundamental obligations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
United States
30 Oct 2018
Do Zero Tolerance Policies Make Zero Sense?
When one hears about a workplace shooting, it's easy to demand a "Zero Tolerance" rule against workplace violence. It's understandable that after the staggering and even criminal...
United States
26 Jul 2018
States Ask Congress To Prohibit Arbitration In Sex Harassment Claims
A unanimous block of attorneys general from all 50 states and the District of Columbia, not to mention several U.S. territories, sent a letter to Congress yesterday asking federal lawmakers ...
United States
15 Feb 2018
Howard's Weekly Roundup - January 27 - Part 2.
We've separated Saturday's Weekly Roundup into two posts for more easy consumption.
United States
30 Jan 2018
Howard's Weekly Roundup - January 27 (This Week's Labor, Employment Law and OSHA Legal Developments.)
Thanks for the input on topics you'd like to see and on your own observations to reference in the weekly Update. In order to keep this report short, we're shifting most book, movie and certain other categories to the full Update, which can be found at We'll also cover many of these subjects in the Podcast and two related domains will soon be up and involve a number of FP attorney and guests.
United States
29 Jan 2018
Howard's End Of The Week Roundup. January 6, 2017
Administration is resubmitting Scott Mugno for OSHA leader and shooting for a January 11 Committee hearing.
United States
9 Jan 2018
Top 100 Workplace Law Stories Of 2017
Well, at least the first 19 days of 2017 were relatively calm. But starting with the inauguration of President Trump and continuing through the last days of the year...
United States
4 Dec 2017
What If…. Harassment, "Me Too" And The Media.
We encourage larger companies to establish a committee to meet every six to twelve months to engage in "What-if" risk planning.
United States
10 Nov 2017
Legislation A Model For Criminal History Information In Hiring
The recently completed Colorado legislative session resulted in the modification of only two employment laws.
United States
19 Jul 2017
June 2017: The Top 15 Labor And Employment Law Stories
It's hard to keep up with all the recent changes to labor and employment law. While it always seems to evolve at a rapid pace, the last few months have seen an unprecedented number of changes.
United States
17 Jul 2017
Transgender Protections Expanded In California With All-Gender Restroom Law
California Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation which will require all single-occupancy restrooms to be identified as "all gender" and be universally accessible.
United States
5 Oct 2016
Employers May Be Required To Disclose Pay Data By Gender
In the article, "Employers May Be Required to Disclose Pay Data by Gender," featured in Columbus CEO, .Attorney Mathew Parker examines possible implication for Ohio employers due to a proposed revision to the current EEO-1 Report...
United States
26 May 2016
Age Discrimination In Employment Act - 2015
The average lifespan of Americans is approaching 80 years. The ratio of older adults to younger adults is rising.
United States
24 Nov 2015
New Jersey Department Of Labor Publishes Gender Equity Notice
New Jersey employers with 50 or more employees will be required to post and distribute a gender equity notice to employees in New Jersey beginning January 6, 2014.
United States
2 Jan 2014
Age Discrimination In Employment Act - 2013
The average lifespan of Americans is approaching 80 years.
United States
25 Sep 2013
ADA - The Employment Aspects - 2013
To say that the Americans With Disabilities Act is important legislation is an understatement.
United States
24 Sep 2013
The Americans With Disabilities Act
The Americans with Disabilities Act established a new protected class, aimed at ensuring that individuals with disabilities are more fully included in all segments of society.
United States
24 Sep 2013
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