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Employment Law – An Overview
According to Article 3 of Federal Law No. 8/1980, this law applies to all employees working in the UAE, whether they are UAE nationals or expatriates.
United Arab Emirates
24 Jan 2019
Understanding How It Works
Around 80% of the UAE population have come to the country to work. BSA experts, Abdullah Ishnaneh, Rima Mrad and Shaikha Al Shamsi contributes to the Emirates Law expert panel
United Arab Emirates
24 Jan 2019
Social Media Policies
With the increasing use of social media, employers need policies which provide guidelines and recommendations for their employees when using it. As a rule, social media platforms are always viewed as public activities.
United Arab Emirates
18 Jun 2018
Does Your Company Have To Give You An Annual Flight Back Home?
So you've moved to Dubai and you've landed a sweet new job. You're telling your mates about all the great perks – but as you compare notes with your fellow expats, you soon realise you might...
United Arab Emirates
11 May 2018
UAE Announces Decision To Allow For Multiple Employer Contracts
The UAE Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation has recently implemented a decision, signed by Naser Bin Thani Al Hameli, the Minister of Human Resource and Emiratisation ...
United Arab Emirates
26 Mar 2018
Meritas Guide To Employee Non-Compete Agreements In Europe, Middle East And Africa
Business practices are changing. Markets are becoming more global and employees are on the move around the world. Employees are key assets driving sales, productivity and profit over different markets.
26 Jan 2018
UAE Practice On Restrictive Provisions & Penalty Clauses
It is common practice for parties entering into contractual arrangements to insert restrictive provisions constraining or limiting either of the parties' legal or contractual rights.
United Arab Emirates
8 Jul 2015
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