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Cost Of Contractor Misclassification Increases Dramatically Following Important Court Judgment (Update)
On November 29, 2017, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled that misclassified self-employed contractors who are really employees could claim back vacation pay going back to 1996 ...
European Union
12 Apr 2018
Criminal Sanctions For Employment Law Breaches Strengthened
From the start of 2018, Vietnam has been introducing a number of changes to its employment laws. The most eye catching of these changes is an increase in the criminal penalties ...
10 Apr 2018
Rise In Investigations Into Foreign Project Workers
Many companies accept projects in Switzerland and have to send their employees to Switzerland in order to fulfill their contractual obligations.
European Union
6 Apr 2018
New Legislation On Employment Contracts And Subcontracting Anticipated In 2018
After a reasonably quiet year for employment law reform in 2017, legislative changes are expected in 2018 regarding subcontracting and employment contracts.
United States
5 Apr 2018
Maternity Rights And Gender Equality At The Fore Of New Employment Laws
Proposed amendments to the Civil Code of St. Maarten are aimed at enhancing employment rights in the areas of fixed-term employment contracts, pregnancy and maternity leave, gender equality, business transfers ...
5 Apr 2018
Revision To Law On Misconduct And Disciplinary Action
During the second half of 2017, the Ministry of Labor, Immigration and Population issued Notification 140/2017 together with a revised Standard Employment Contract (SEC 2017) ...
4 Apr 2018
Recent Restrictive Covenant Cases Show Trend Against Employers
Employers had a difficult time enforcing restrictive trade clauses (RTCs) during 2017. While the Employment and Labour Relations Court has held that RTCs are constitutional ...
28 Mar 2018
New Protections For Self-Employed Individuals
The Italian Parliament has recently enhanced protections for independent contractors and self-employed workers to reflect the fact that many are working in this capacity in the modern "gig economy."
28 Mar 2018
General Election Stalls New Employment Law Regulations
A proposed new amendment to the Czech labor code is uncertain following the outcome of the general election in the Czech Republic in late 2017.
Czech Republic
23 Mar 2018
New Rules For Calculating Working Time
New rules on calculating working time in Bulgaria went into effect on January 1, 2018. The Ordinance on Working Time, Breaks, and Holidays sets rules on what is called the Summarized Calculation of Working Time ...
22 Mar 2018
New Law Introduces Legally Binding Settlement Agreements
Under recent amendments to Brazilian labor laws, parties may enter into legally binding settlement agreements through a new process whereby labor courts can ratify settlement agreements between employers ...
22 Mar 2018
Tax Efficient Bonuses, Flexi-Work, Ecommerce And Pensions All Reformed As "Summer Pact" Comes Into Force
On January 1, 2018, many of the provisions of the so-called "Summer Pact" came into force, introducing a number of tax and employment law measures.
22 Mar 2018
Flexi-Work Permit Allows Expats To Remain In Bahrain Without A Local Sponsor
Bahrain has recently introduced a flexi-work permit for expatriates, allowing eligible expatriates to work and live in Bahrain without being sponsored ...
22 Mar 2018
Greater Harmonisation Of Laws On Office Workers And Manual Workers
Austria is one of the few remaining countries in Europe that distinguishes between manual (blue-collar) workers and office (white-collar) workers. Some of these differences will be replaced by new rules...
21 Mar 2018
Legislation Makes Holding Companies Liable For Australian Subsidiaries' Workplace Law Breaches
The Fair Work Act of 2009 (the Act) is Australia's principal legislation that dictates a legal framework that all Australian employers must comply with in employing staff.
21 Mar 2018
The Increasing Costs Of Contractor Misclassification In The EU: What Companies Need To Know About The New ECJ Ruling
On November 29, 2017 the ECJ ruled that misclassified self-employed contractors who are really workers or employees could claim back holiday pay all the way to 1996—the year that the EU's Working Time Directive was introduced.
European Union
4 Dec 2017
Avoiding HR Pitfalls While Managing Overseas Assignments: Your 10-Point Checklist
More businesses than ever are sending people overseas. The rewards of developing new markets can be great, but the multitude of different legal systems mean there are also bear traps to be avoided—
15 Aug 2017
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