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Misconduct outside the workplace - 5 takeaways from the Israel Folau case, from a NZ perspective
These points examine the Israel Folau case from a NZ perspective- was the behaviour unacceptable if it was outside work?
New Zealand
6 Jun 2019
On, or off the clock?: A work-life balance for employees
If an employer wishes to rely on requiring an employee to work overtime, then it must provide reasonable compensation.
New Zealand
6 Jun 2019
High at work: will rights of employers change if cannabis is legalised?
Article looks at rights of employer if cannabis is legalised and reminds employers to review drug and alcohol policies etc.
New Zealand
28 May 2019
Critical Employment Law Changes
New Zealand employers should be aware that there are several significant legislative changes to the Employment Relations Act 2000 (the Act) taking effect this spring
New Zealand
22 May 2019
The use of probationary periods
Article discusses the legal obligations imposed around probationary periods.
New Zealand
21 May 2019
The use of probationary periods in employment
A probationary period enables an employer to assess the suitability of an employee in skills, diligence and personality.
New Zealand
19 May 2019
Employment alert: Employment Relations Act changes
We recommend employers check their current practices, procedures and policies to ensure compliance with these changes.
New Zealand
18 May 2019
Employment Update - May 2019: Overtime or an availability provision?
The Union successfully argued that the wording of the collective agreement included an unlawful 'availability provision'.
New Zealand
18 May 2019
Do your overtime provisions comply with employment law legislation?
This Employment Court decision issued a reminder about availability provisions and traditional overtime requirements.
New Zealand
16 May 2019
Employment Relations (Triangular Employment) Amendment Bill closer to becoming law
These changes could be significant for companies and organisations that use labour hire companies or temporary workers.
New Zealand
17 Apr 2019
Other employment updates come into force on 6 May 2019
Employers should check procedures and policies to ensure they are prepared for these upcoming changes to take effect.
New Zealand
17 Apr 2019
Recent developments in work health and safety sentencing
These cases show that substantial discounts for mitigating factors can still be obtained in appropriate circumstances.
New Zealand
16 Apr 2019
Guideline decision on approach to reparation awards in health and safety sentencing
The Court can order reparation for the deceased's loss of earnings to related persons who have suffered loss as a result.
New Zealand
15 Apr 2019
New employment provisions for domestic violence victims
Employers should put in place policies about these issues, so employees know about processes for this new entitlement.
New Zealand
11 Apr 2019
Dealing with misconduct: The NRL no-fault stand down policy
The article considers the enforceability of the NRL policy and other ways sporting clubs can regulate player misconduct.
New Zealand
25 Mar 2019
Employment law calendar 2019
This is a calendar to signal reviews, consultations and legislative changes to employment law in New Zealand in 2019.
New Zealand
14 Feb 2019
The end of 90 day trial periods, for some.
Companies with more than 20 staff can no longer rely on a 90 day trial period clause but may consider a probationary period.
New Zealand
13 Feb 2019
Changes to be introduced by the Employment Relations Amendment Act 2018
This article deals with some of the significant changes made by the Act, most of which will take effect in May 2019.
New Zealand
12 Feb 2019
Fair Pay Agreements – the model proposed
The Bolger-led tripartite Working Group produced a set of recommendations to design a Fair Pay Agreement (FPA) system.
New Zealand
7 Feb 2019
IT outsourcing contracts – five tips for SMEs
Outsourcing has now become normal at all levels of the economy, but failures can hit small to medium enterprises hardest.
New Zealand
15 Jan 2019
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