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Competition News Bulletin – October 2018
By way of order dated August 30, 2018, the CCI imposed a penalty of INR 9,64 06,682 on Geep Industries (India) Private limited (‘Geep') for being in a bilateral ancillary cartel with Panasonic (India).
15 Oct 2018
Competition News Bulletin (October 2016)
CCI by its order dated August 31, 2016 has re-imposed penalties on 11 cement manufacturers and Cement Manufacturers Association (CMA) for violation of Section 3(3)(a) and 3(3)(b) of the Act.
12 Oct 2016
COMPAT Upholds CCI Order Dismissing Abuse Of Dominance Allegation Against Vodafone
COMPAT has upheld order of CCI whereby it declined to order an investigation into the allegations of abuse of dominance by Vodafone India for levying exorbitant charges for international roaming plan.
12 Sep 2016
CCI To Investigate Monsanto Mahyco Monsanto Biotech (I) Limited & Ors.
The CCI directed the Director General to investigate Mahyco Monsanto Biotech (I) Limited, Monsanto Holdings Private Ltd., Monsanto Inc., U.S.A. and Maharashtra Hybrid Seeds Company Ltd.
9 Sep 2016
Competition Commission Of India (CCI) To Investigate Global Hybrid Seeds Giant Monsanto For Abuse Of Dominance In Relation To Alleged Excessive And Discriminatory Royalties For Bt Cotton Seeds
This CCI order raises an important issue which places the manner of enforcement of intellectual property rights in India vis-à-vis the competition law under question.
15 Mar 2016
CCI Exonerates TAM From Allegations Of Meddling With TRPs To Suit Private Channels And Their Advertisers
The CCI by its recent order dated February 25, 2016 has closed the complaint filed by Prasar Bharti against the television audience measurement services agency, TAM Media Research Private Limited.
15 Mar 2016
Beware Pharmaceutical Companies- CCI Penalizes Alkem Laboratories Ltd. (ALKEM) For Bowing Down To Pressure Of All Kerala Chemists And Druggists Association By Stopping Supplies To A Local Chemist
The CCI, vide its recent order dated December 1, 2015, has penalized All Kerala Chemists and Druggists Association and Alkem Laboratories Limited for limiting and controlling the supply of medicines in Kerala.
15 Mar 2016
Competition News Bulletin - November 2015
CCI in its order dated October 12, 2015 found Sonipat Distributor ("FMCG") Association ("SDA") contravening the provisions of section 3(3)(b)& (c) of the Competition Act, 2002 (Act).
17 Nov 2015
Dawn Raids – When CCI (India) Comes Knocking?
On 22 September, 2014, the Director General, Competition Commission of India ("CCI"), conducted its first-ever ‘dawn-raid’ at the premises of M/s JCB India Ltd., an Indian subsidiary of a UK based construction company ("JCB"). According to news reports, the raid was conducted due to JCB’s alleged non co-operation in the process of investigation by the Director General ("DG") in an allegation of abuse of dominant position.
22 Dec 2014
Do Online Markets Effect Competition?
Of late, media is abuzz about the ongoing clash between the retail physical markets and online markets (e-tailers).
14 Nov 2014
CCI Penalizes 14 Car Makers For Market Abuse And Vertical Restraints
The Competition Commission of India has imposed a fine totalling INR 2544 crore rupees on 14 car manufacturers for violating the Competition Act, 2002.
2 Sep 2014
Competition Law And Policy- Essential Tools For Free Markets
In the wake of globalisation, India has adopted revolutionary measures of opening up of its economy, removing of controls and to resort to liberalisation.
1 May 2014
Impact Of The Recent CCI Order Modifying Buyers Agreement In The DLF Case
In the wake of economic liberalization and widespread economic reforms introduced in India since 1991 and in its attempt to march from a "Command and Control" regime to a regime based on free market principles, India replaced its archaic Monopolies and Restrictive Practices Act, 1969 with a modern competition law, in sync with modern and internationally established competition law principles, in the form of the new Competition Act, 2002 (the Act).
27 Feb 2013
Competition Law Enforcement Starts in India
In the wake of economic liberalization and widespread economic reforms introduced in 1991, and in its attempt to move from a 'command and control' regime to a regime based on free market principles, India decided to replace its then existing competition law - the Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices Act 1969, which was primarily designed to restrict the growth of monopolies in the market - with a modern competition law in sync with established competition law principles.
29 Sep 2010
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