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EU Publishes Study On Impact Of Loan Syndication On Competition
On April 8, 2019, the European Commission published its long-awaited "study on loan syndication in the EU and its impact on competition in credit markets."
European Union
22 Apr 2019
Jones Day Global Merger Control Update
Merger control enforcement has continued to surge around the world and reach well beyond the major jurisdictions.
17 Apr 2019
Economic Evidence In Merger Review: EU's Highest Court Clarifies Rights Of Defense
The ECJ ruled that the European Commission violated UPS's rights of defense when it failed to provide UPS with the final economic model used in its decision to block UPS's proposed acquisition of TNT in 2013.
European Union
6 Feb 2019
The French Competition Authority Publishes Guidance On Settlement Procedures
In December 2018, the French Competition Authority ("FCA") published a notice clarifying the FCA's settlement procedure in competition cases ("Notice").
11 Jan 2019
Connected Cars And Autonomous Driving—EU Antitrust Challenges (Part II)
The Background: The automotive industry has achieved a number of technological advances aimed at developing connected cars, automated vehicles, and ultimately autonomous driving.
European Union
11 Sep 2018
Connected Cars And Autonomous Driving - EU Antitrust Challenges (Part I)
Among the different fields of law concerned, competition law will play a key role.
European Union
4 Sep 2018
French Competition Authority Concludes Online Advertising Sector Inquiry And Announces Possible Further Actions
In May 2016, the FCA and the German Bundeskartellamt published a joint report on Big Data and its implications for competition law.
European Union
8 Mar 2018
Online Trade Under Antitrust Scrutiny In EC's E-Commerce Sector Inquiry Final Report
The Commission will open fresh antitrust investigations against certain of those practices and has already started to do so.
European Union
29 Jun 2017
Global Merger Control Update - May 2017
This is the quarterly Jones Day Global Merger Control Update, which will discuss recent developments in existing regimes and the emergence of new merger control regimes worldwide.
2 Jun 2017
European Commissions's Antitrust Concerns Lead To Syndicated Loans Market Study
n April 2017, the European Commission ("Commission") published a tender offer seeking an assessment of the EU market for loan syndication and possible implications under EU competition rules
1 Jun 2017
European Commission's Antitrust Concerns Lead To Syndicated Lending Market Study
This provision covers the exchange of commercially sensitive information between competitors.
European Union
24 May 2017
European Commission's Antitrust Concerns Lead To Syndicated Lending Market Study
The European Commission has launched a tender offer to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the competitive aspects of the EU market for syndicated loans.
European Union
19 May 2017
UK Fines Modeling Agencies For Breach Of Competition Law
The UK's Competition and Markets Authority has fined five fashion modeling agencies and their trade association, the Association of Model Agents, for colluding on prices for modeling services...
28 Dec 2016
French Competition Authority Imposes Record Fine For Gun Jumping
The French Competition Authority imposed a EUR 80 million fine on the Altice Group, a major French telecommunications operator, for implementing two transactions before approval by the FCA.
11 Nov 2016
E-Commerce Sector Inquiry: European Commission Report Identifies Restrictive Practices And Prepares For Potential Antitrust Investigations
In its ongoing sector inquiry into e-commerce in the EU, the European Commission has published a Preliminary Report of its findings.
European Union
23 Sep 2016
European Law Enforcement Against Antitrust Conspiracies - Recent Trends
Over the last few years, the level of cartel enforcement against antitrust conspiracies across the European Union has increased significantly.
European Union
20 Sep 2016
Europe's Highest Court Confirms Far-Reaching Powers To Impose Antitrust Fines
In an important decision in the LCD panels cartel, the European Court of Justice has endorsed the European Commission's broad-ranging methodology for setting fines for violations of Article 101 TFEU.
European Union
17 Jul 2015
European Union General Court Establishes New Rules Of Procedure
The European Union's General Court has adopted new Rules of Procedure and Practice Rules (previously known as "Practice Directions"), which each enter into force on July 1, 2015.
European Union
2 Jul 2015
European Commission Launches E-Commerce Sector Inquiry
The European Commission has launched a sector inquiry of the e-commerce sector in Europe. This is a far-reaching competition review of the sector by the European Union ("EU") competition authority.
European Union
15 May 2015
Will The European Commission Reduce Use Of The Commitment Procedure In Dominance Cases?
Eleven years after its entry into force, the EU commitment procedure still appears as a formidable success.
European Union
6 May 2015
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