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Securitisation 2019
In this guide, Scott Macdonald and James Reeve provide an overview of Cayman Islands securitisation law, including receivables contracts, receivables purchase agreement, asset sales, security issues, insolvency laws, ...
Cayman Islands
6 Jun 2019
Business Plus - Commercial Law Survey
In the April issue of Business Plus magazine, Managing Partner in our Dublin office, Nicholas Butcher,
10 May 2019
Repossessing Commercial Property Comprising A Private Residence
A recent High Court decision in Ireland highlights the care that needs to be taken in property repossession claims by lenders where a borrower's principal dwelling house ("PDH") ...
14 Mar 2019
Expanding Use Of Segregated Portfolio Companies In The BVI
In line with its commitment to provide flexible and innovative legal structures for cross border trading and investment activity, the British Virgin Islands ("BVI") ...
British Virgin Islands
14 Dec 2018
Securitisation Guide 2018: Cayman Islands
Formalities. In order to create an enforceable debt obligation of the obligor to the seller: (a) is it necessary that the sales of goods or services are evidenced by a formal receivables contract;
Cayman Islands
4 Jun 2018
Top Jet - Cayman Islands Court Widens Scope Of Derivative Actions
Derivative actions on behalf of companies in foreign courts can raise difficult conflict of laws and company law issues.
Cayman Islands
30 Jan 2018
Cayman Islands Funds Clawbacks - Business As Usual
"Landmark decision" is perhaps becoming an overused phrase. You may have heard about the recent Privy Council ruling in DD Growth v RMF Market Neutral Strategies [2017] UKPC 36...
Cayman Islands
4 Dec 2017
EBS v Kenehan – The Role of Unfair Contract Terms Law in Repossession Actions
Although many sectors of the Irish economy are experiencing the benefits of economic upturn, a number of Irish homeowners are still dealing with the after-effects of the recession.
7 Nov 2017
The International Comparative Legal Guide To: Securitisation 2017 (Cayman Islands)
In this guide, Scott Macdonald and Christopher Wall provide an overview of Cayman Islands securitisation law, including receivables contracts, receivables purchase agreement, asset sales, security issues, insolvency laws, special rules, regulatory issues and taxation.
Cayman Islands
20 Jul 2017
Initial Public Offerings 2017
The Cayman Islands Stock Exchange ("CSX") was founded in 1996. The CSX has listed more than 4,000 securities and maintains a market capitalisation of more than US$190 billion.
Cayman Islands
6 Jul 2017
True Sales Under Irish Law – Market Approach Confirmed
The Irish High Court has recently ruled on the test for determining whether the transfer of a debt is a "true sale" or is by way of a charge
5 Jul 2017
Global Registration Services – Market Update, Q1 2017
On 24 February 2017, the Financial Services and Markets Authority ("FMSA") released a Communication on the requirements for EEA AIFMs or non-EEA AIFMs to market units or shares...
31 May 2017
Alternative A Insolvency Remedy Under The Cape Town Convention Adopted By Ireland
Alternative A of the Cape Town Convention now has the force of law in Ireland, following signing of an Order by the Irish Government on 10 May 2017
15 May 2017
Maples and Calder Release Brexit Guide
On 29 March 2017, the UK government formally notified the European Council of the UK's intention to leave the EU, in accordance with the procedures under Article 50 of the Treaty of the European Union.
Cayman Islands
29 Mar 2017
The International Capital Markets Review, 6th Edition, Ireland
In 2016, the EU capital markets seemed to consolidate the reinstatement of the marketplace from the post-Lehman international crisis.
Cayman Islands
20 Jan 2017
Using Regulatory Background to Interpret Note Issuance Documents
The interpretation of a contract depends on the objective meaning of the words used in their commercial context.
29 Jun 2016
Illegality And The Enforcement Of Contract
Regulation is a fact of life for every financial service provider ("FSP"). FSPs face an ever-increasing volume of regulation.
3 Nov 2015
Privy Council Clarifies Statutory Power To Rectify Register Of Members
The decision of the Privy Council draws a curtain on the practice of using the summary process of rectification proceedings to determine disputes concerning the beneficial ownership of BVI shares.
British Virgin Islands
2 Jul 2015
Enforcing Tainted Contracts
Banks and other financial institutions operate in a highly regulated environment. Issues frequently arise where an institution has breached a regulatory requirement but seeks to enforce its contractual rights.
5 May 2015
Recent Trust Cases From The BVI Courts: Lessons For Trustees And Advisers
The BVI courts have tackled a number of trust disputes over the last couple of years, addressing a number of important issues, some of which have not been the subject of previous decisions.
British Virgin Islands
1 Apr 2015
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