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Family Office Landscape
Larger service providers are often able to utilise their client base of global family offices to create a database of leading practices which can then be used to perform leading practice reviews.
Cayman Islands
14 Oct 2018
Take Privates In Asia By Way Of Cayman Statutory Merger
The purposes of these privatisations are manifold and have included a desire for reduced public scrutiny,
Cayman Islands
7 Jun 2018
The Evolving Cyber Threat Landscape
In this article, we will briefly explore the increasing cybersecurity threat landscape, the various sources of threats, discuss the evolving regulatory environment and introduce some practical options that business leaders should be considering as they develop, enhance and refine their strategies to manage cybersecurity risks.
Cayman Islands
20 Mar 2017
Regulatory Update: Cayman Islands Monetary Authority
The Cayman Islands continues to be home to a thriving financial services industry, which is bolstered by prudent and robust regulation.
Cayman Islands
3 Mar 2017
Cayman Finance Supports Cayman Islands Government Joining Beneficial Ownership Initiative
The Cayman Islands Government's recent announcement that Cayman has joined the initiative for the development of a global standard for the sharing of beneficial ownership information has been welcomed by Cayman Finance, saying that the move continues to reflect Cayman's highest standards of transparency.
Cayman Islands
13 May 2016
Cayman Finance Supports Cayman Islands Government On Enhancements To Cayman's Existing Beneficial Ownership System
Cayman Finance said it supported the Cayman Islands Government (CIG) in its announcement today of the signing of an agreement by the United Kingdom and the Cayman Islands on the enhancements to its existing beneficial ownership system.
Cayman Islands
12 Apr 2016
How Institutional Investors Are Changing The Fund Industry
As institutional investors continue to drive asset growth in the hedge fund industry since the 2008 financial crisis, they are also acting as a catalyst for positive change that benefits the interests of all investors.
Cayman Islands
23 Feb 2016
Central Beneficial Ownership Registry: A Cayman Perspective
As UK politics in 2015 moved towards the May general election, it was little surprise that the issue of beneficial ownership and the introduction of a central registry for the main offshore financial centres, returned to the political agenda.
Cayman Islands
19 Feb 2016
Cayman Islands Independent Directors
On January 18, 2013 the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority issued a consultation document to the local industry.
Cayman Islands
8 Jul 2013
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