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Company directors cannot veto DoCA - High Court
This decision confirms that a DoCA approved by creditors cannot be stymied by unwilling directors or a board's consent.
New Zealand
1 Feb 2019
Classification of creditors in Part 14 compromises
Creditors with different rights or interests can be classed together in a compromise under Part 14 of the Companies Act.
New Zealand
26 Aug 2018
Protecting the right to a private home address for directors
Directors have the right to privacy over their home address within the proposed Director Identification Number regime.
New Zealand
13 Aug 2018
Disclosure – a key performance and risk area for boards
The quality of disclosure is improving but has a way to go, despite a recent reminder about costs of getting it wrong.
New Zealand
19 Apr 2018
Conflicts of interest – do not bolt for the door
Directors should have the opportunity to identify conflicts of interest and to absent themselves from those discussions.
New Zealand
9 Mar 2018
Targeted approach to corporate governance welcomed
FMA has left the listed company field to the NZX and has concentrated on unlisted companies and public sector entities.
New Zealand
1 Mar 2018
Handy corporate governance comparison table updated
The governance code comparison table has been updated to reflect the recent rewrite of the NZX Corporate Governance Code.
New Zealand
8 Sep 2017
Supreme Court clarifies solvency test
The ability of a company to pay its due debts is to be assessed objectively, taking a "practical business perspective".
New Zealand
9 Aug 2017
Chapman Tripp submission on Director Identification Number (DIN) proposal
The NZ Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) has sought feedback on whether a DIN should be introduced.
New Zealand
10 Jul 2017
Director ID numbers may be a good idea, if personal safety is protected
A personalised DIN could be useful, as long as directors can choose not to have their residential address made public.
New Zealand
5 Jul 2017
More activist shareholders, more director accountability identified as Corpoate Governance trends
This report includes details such as statistics on board composition, size, frequency of meetings and length of service.
New Zealand
14 Jun 2017
New rules on company creditor compromises
These decisions, setting aside creditors' compromises, give new guidance on parameters of Part 14 of the Companies Act.
New Zealand
10 Mar 2017
Appeal court keeps parent company on the hook
Directors must maintain a subsidiary's independence to protect the parent against liability for the subsidiary's debts.
New Zealand
7 Sep 2016
High Court defines what it means to live in New Zealand
Residency test is broader and encompasses factors such as ties to New Zealand and the regularity of times spent there.
New Zealand
19 Aug 2016
Directors' remuneration post-insolvency
The directors did not need to consider the creditors' interests when determining the fairness of their own remuneration.
New Zealand
8 Jun 2016
Directors in breach not always liable
Even if a director is found in breach of duty, a Court will still address factors of causation, culpability and fairness.
New Zealand
31 May 2016
Guidance on the role of the listed company director
The NZ Corporate Governance Forum issued detailed guidance on the role and responsibilities of listed company directors.
New Zealand
30 Jul 2015
FMA steps up enforcement activity
This increased activity shows the FMA is prepared to flex its regulatory muscle and use significant enforcement powers.
New Zealand
8 Jun 2015
Parent company made to pay the debts of its subsidiary
Directors must be careful to ensure that a subsidiarys' interests are kept distinct from those of the parent company.
New Zealand
30 Jan 2015
New residency and information requirements for directors
Some companies need to change the composition of their board and provide additional information to the Companies Office.
New Zealand
22 Aug 2014
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