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FTC Announces Revised HSR Thresholds For 2019
The Hart-Scott-Rodino Antitrust Improvements Act of 1976 ("HSR Act") requires that parties to significant mergers, acquisitions, or other transactions notify the Federal Trade Commission ("FTC") and the Department of Justice ("DOJ") prior to consummating the transaction.
United States
28 Feb 2019
Carri Bennet Co-Authors Morning Consult Op-Ed On Potential Downsides Of Sprint/T-Mobile Merger
They also say the proposed merger will not help—and could harm—rural customers.
United States
3 Jan 2019
AT&T/TIME Warner DOJ Smack Down: You Don't Need A Weatherman To Know Which Way The Wind Blows
In his recent opinion in the latest incarnation of U.S. v. AT&T, U.S. District Court Judge Richard Leon rejected, in no uncertain terms, the U.S. Justice Department's efforts to block AT&T's acquisition of Time Warner.
United States
23 Aug 2018
Does Kavanaugh's Dissenting Opinion In An Antitrust Case Portend His Views On Abortion?
Judge Kavanaugh dissented from the majority's opinion in that case, and he was criticized by the majority for not properly respecting Supreme Court precedent.
United States
16 Jul 2018
Knowing When Not To Pursue A Merger
This year is the 50th anniversary of one of the most catastrophic mergers in history — the merger of two very large railroad companies, the New York Central and the Pennsylvania ...
United States
25 Jun 2018
Firm Client North Signal Capital LLC Announces Major Tech Industry Project For Charleston Area
Congratulations to Womble Bond Dickinson client North Signal Capital LLC for the announcement today by West-Signal, a joint venture owned by an affiliate of North Signal Capital LLC ...
United States
16 May 2018
Melinda Davis Lux Discusses Cross-Border M&A Transactions On South Carolina Public Radio
GREENVILLE, S.C.--Given such recent developments as Brexit and US President Donald Trump's "America First" agenda...
United States
23 Jan 2018
Is The DOJ's Approval Of AT&T's Acquisition Of Time Warner Conditioned On The Sale Of CNN?
On Sunday, Kellyanne Conway said that the Trump administration is not interfering with the Justice Department's review of the deal.
United States
9 Nov 2017
An Alternative To Acquisition By Hospital System
The presentation was designed to equip participants with discussion alternatives to acquisition by hospital systems.
United States
17 Oct 2017
Emerging From "No Man's Land" | Womble Carlyle Silicon Valley E-News | Sept. 2017
Best-selling author Doug Tatum was part of an expert panel sharing "Lessons Learned from the Trenches" at a recent Womble Carlyle event that highlighted some of the key points of his book....
United States
3 Oct 2017
GovTech M&A
Buyers are aggressively targeting companies with differentiated technology and strategically-positioned intellectual property.
United States
3 Oct 2017
Funding Tips For Entrepreneurs | Womble Carlyle Silicon Valley E-News | Aug. 2017
As a corporate lawyer in Silicon Valley, helping connect entrepreneurs and business owners to funding sources is one of my primary roles.
United States
31 Aug 2017
Selling A Family Business
With a wave of baby boomer business owners thinking about retirement, selling a business can allow founders to keep the company running while converting their ownership into funds for their future.
United States
22 Aug 2017
Connecting Silicon Valley And The UK'
We've had a very exciting month of June at Womble Carlyle with the announcement that the firm will be combining with United Kingdom-based Bond Dickinson LLP to form Womble Bond Dickinson.
United States
11 Jul 2017
Law Firm Mergers Up In 2017; Bond Dickinson-Womble Carlyle Combination Biggest Deal Of 2017 To Date
The law firm transaction market is heating up, according to a new report, and Womble Carlyle's combination with Bond Dickinson is the biggest deal of 2017 to date.
United States
10 Jul 2017
DanoneWave: Public Benefit Corporation Promotes Positive Change
The new DanoneWave unit is now one of the nation's top 15 food and beverage companies.
United States
5 May 2017
M&A Indemnification Provisions: Are You Drafting Unenforceable Time Limits?
M&A agreements and other agreements may contain provisions that are deemed to attempt to alter the applicable statute of limitations.
United States
5 May 2017
"An Offer They Can't Refuse"
In the classic 1972 film "The Godfather," Don Vito Corleone frequently gives his rivals an "offer they can't refuse."
United States
24 Apr 2017
Portfolio Acquisitions Typically Require Specialized Due Diligence Capabilities
Over the past 3.5 years, my team at Womble has handled title, survey and zoning review for nine (9) transactions involving up to 864 properties across multiple states and several Canadian provinces.
United States
13 Oct 2016
Minimizing Antitrust Risk In Mergers And Acquisitions
Check out this white paper on antitrust risks in merger and acquisitions.
United States
13 Nov 2014
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