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Trusts Advisory Group
Ogier advises trustees, settlors, beneficiaries and anyone else connected with trusts and foundations, whether established for succession purposes
3 Sep 2019
Amendments To Cayman Islands Companies Law – Action Required
The Cayman Islands Government has passed a number of amendment laws to strengthen Cayman's anti-money laundering and counter-financing of terrorism regime.
Cayman Islands
29 Aug 2019
The Luxembourg SPF: A Private Wealth Management Company Of Choice
Finally, shares of an SPF may not be listed on a stock exchange, or be subject to public placement.
2 Oct 2018
Trusts (Amendment No.7) (Jersey) Law 2018 Now In Force
The Trusts (Amendment No.7) (Jersey) Law 2018 (Amendment No. 7) came into force on 8 June 2018.
11 Jun 2018
Setting Aside Subsequent Transfers To Trusts - Jersey's Statutory Law Of Mistake In Operation
The enactment of the Trust (Amendment No 6) (Jersey) Law 2013 (Amendment 6), saw Jersey introduce a statutory basis for relief to be granted for mistake in the form of Article 47E...
29 Aug 2017
Changes Of Trustees And Protectors In Contentious Circumstances In Jersey
Most modern trust instruments will contain provisions which grant to certain individuals the power to effect a change of trustee or protector.
24 May 2017
Structuring It Right - Asian Family Offices
Asian family offices have increased significantly in number, and they come in a wide range of sizes and shapes.
Hong Kong
5 Apr 2017
Trust Essentials: February 2017
The line between rectification and improvement is a significant one in terms of trust documents. The Jersey Royal Court's judgment In The Matter of the H and J Trusts further clarifies the distinction.
22 Feb 2017
Rectification And Variation – Full Evidence Still Required
The Jersey Court has a well-established jurisdiction to rectify trust documents whose terms do not carry out the true intentions of the parties.
10 Feb 2017
Setting Aside Subsequent Transfers Into A Jersey Trust Due To Mistake As To Potential Tax Consequences: In The Matter Of The D, E And F Trusts
The Royal Court applied Jersey's 2013 statutory mistake provisions for the first time to set aside transfers of shares into three Jersey trusts a number of years after the trusts were established...
9 Nov 2016
Dishonest Or Fraudulent Breaches Of Duty Know No Limits
Limitation is a perennial concern for plaintiffs, and knowing when time starts to run is particularly troublesome where plaintiffs have been unaware of their potential claim...
5 Oct 2016
Five Reasons For Placing One's Trust In – Well, Trusts
Many people are baffled by trusts, the purpose of which they don't fully comprehend. Some even regard them with suspicion, as tools of of opaque tax evasion strategies of a type favoured by wealthy individuals.
Cayman Islands
29 Sep 2016
No Entry: Foreign Confiscation Order Comes Knocking On The Door Of A Jersey Trust
Nicola Roberts, Advocate and managing associate in Ogier's dispute resolution team examines the recent decision in Her Majesty's Attorney General v Rosenlund and Another (2016)...
11 Aug 2016
The Approach In Jersey To ‘Insolvent' Trusts: The Z Trusts
Much has been written in recent years regarding the somewhat vexed question of what happens when a trust becomes ‘insolvent'.
31 May 2016
Costs In Trust Proceedings - Further Royal Court Guidance Where Fiduciary Powers Not Validly Exercised: In The Matter Of The Piedmont Trust And The Riviera Trust [2016] JRC016
The Royal Court's judgment in 2015 In the Matter of the Piedmont Trust and In the Matter of the Riviera Trust provided guidance with regard to the exercise of fiduciary powers of appointment...
9 Mar 2016
Trust Removal Proceedings - Service Out Of The Jurisdiction And The Effect Of Administration Clauses: Representation Of The Manor House Trust And The Russian Trust
The proceedings sought orders setting aside deeds of retirement and appointment (DORAs) executed in 2007, by which a corporate Panamanian trustee was appointed trustee of the Manor House and Russian Trusts...
18 Jan 2016
Escaping From Mistakes As To Tax Consequences In Respect Of Jersey Trusts - In The Matter Of The Great Escape And Wentworth Trusts
The facts concerning the Great Escape and Wentworth Trusts (the Trusts) can be summarised as follows.
18 Jan 2016
Exiting Difficult Trusts
Trustees sometimes get trapped in trusteeships. Sometimes there is a relationship breakdown with the beneficiaries, other times the trustee is exiting the trust business, and other times still the trustee decides that a given trust no longer fits its risk profile.
Cayman Islands
18 Nov 2015
Being Rational In The Exercise Of Powers Of Appointment And Removal In Jersey Trusts - Royal Court Guidance In The Matter Of The P And R Trusts
In its decision in In the Matter of the P and R Trusts the Royal Court has provided useful guidance with regard to the exercise of fiduciaries' powers of appointment of new trustees and protectors.
6 Oct 2015
Jersey Trusts And Divorce - Submission And Exclusion
There are two somewhat unusual elements to this case, namely the blessing of the decision of the trustee to submit to the jurisdiction of an overseas divorce court, and of the decision to exclude the wife as a beneficiary.
8 May 2015
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