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Africa Regulatory ENSight
Approves a new regime on the entry, exit, and staying of foreign citizens in Angola; and
South Africa
11 Jun 2019
The Mauritian Global Business Sector Revamped
The legal framework in Mauritius is constantly evolving to keep pace with the rapidly changing economic environment.
South Africa
19 Sep 2018
JSE Debt Listings Requirements: Proposed "Professional Debt Segment"
The JSE has invited comments on section 11 until close of business on Monday, 28 May 2018.
South Africa
31 May 2018
JSE Debt Listings Requirements: Project Bonds
These and other concerns are addressed in the new section 10, but time will tell to what extent market participants embrace these new DLRs, thereby making the debt capital markets...
South Africa
13 Apr 2018
Wheelbarrow Pledge: Proposed Strate Rules Go Half Way
Market participants must take note that the proposed amendment does not, in fact, achieve the aim of alleviating the administrative burden in margining-type transactions.
South Africa
14 Jul 2017
JSE Debt Listings Requirements Amended
On 23 September 2016, the South African Registrar of Securities Services announced the commencement of certain amendments to the JSE Debt Listings Requirements (the "DLRs").
South Africa
18 Nov 2016
Africa Tax In Brief - 19 July 2016
The Securities Code Regulation (Regulation No. 6/16) (the "Regulation") was approved by the Council of Administration of the Capital Market Commission and gazetted on 7 June 2016.
8 Aug 2016
Proposed Amendments To The JSE Debt Listings Requirements
On 5 July 2016, the Registrar of Securities Services posted draft amendments to the JSE Debt Listings Requirements (the "DLRs") on the Financial Services Board's website.
South Africa
14 Jul 2016
Crowdfunding And Tax – Two's Company, Three's A Crowd
In this article, we briefly consider some of the possible South African tax implications that may arise pursuant to the utilisation of the various types of crowdfunding that have lately been gaining traction in South Africa.
South Africa
29 Jun 2016
SARS Ruling On A Share Subscription Transaction Followed By A Share
On 17 March 2016, the South African Revenue Service ("SARS") issued an interesting binding private ruling ("BPR 227") concerning a share subscription transaction which was followed by two share buyback transactions.
South Africa
10 May 2016
Budget 2016 And Venture Capital Companies
The 2016 Budget Review contained a most welcome – if cryptic – statement for venture capital companies ("VCCs") and their investors.
South Africa
24 Mar 2016
Exemption From STT For Collateral
Market participants will likely be familiar with the existing STT exemption for securities lending arrangements.
South Africa
21 Jan 2016
Which Taxes Apply To Share Loans?
The ability to enter into loans over listed shares is an important part of the financial industry as it offers sellers of listed shares the ability to comply with their obligations to deliver shares under a short sale contract.
South Africa
10 Jun 2015
Securities Lending Collateral – A Light At The End Of The Tunnel
The securities lending industry is crucial for maintaining liquidity in South African financial markets.
South Africa
9 Mar 2015
Tax On Proceeds Received For The Disposal Of Shares - How Long Is ‘For Keeps’ These Days?
Certain shares, if held for a continuous period of three years prior to disposal, are deemed to yield capital proceeds in terms of section 9C of the Income Tax Act.
South Africa
19 Feb 2015
Effect Of Taking Professional Advice On Imposition Of Understatement Penalties And Interest
The court came to the conclusion that the taxpayer's reliance on the advice received was reasonable and therefore directed that the Commissioner should waive the section 89quat interest in full.
South Africa
10 Feb 2015
Mauritius Supreme Court Confirms Validity Of Fixed And Floating Charges Granted To Foreign Entities And Possibility To Appoint Receivers
The court confirmed the prevailing practice that foreign companies could be granted fixed or floating charges by Mauritian entity as security for a financing.
11 Jul 2014
Amendments Relating To Dividend Exemptions In The Context Of Incentive Schemes
Recent amendments were made to both the local dividend income tax exemption, as well the foreign dividend income tax exemption.
South Africa
24 Mar 2014
Jurisdiction Update: South Africa - Securities & Banking
South Africa has the largest and most developed economy in sub-Saharan Africa, and boasts well-regulated, sophisticated financial markets and banking systems supported by a progressive common law-based legal system.
South Africa
4 Dec 2012
Financial Markets Bill Will Have Signficant Impact
The Financial Markets Bill, which was tabled by the National Treasury to Parliament on 4 April 2012, will have significant effects South Africa’s financial markets
South Africa
15 Aug 2012
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