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The amenability of private school decisions to judicial review
The question of whether private school decisions are amenable to judicial review has yet to be answered in New Zealand.
New Zealand
13 Sep 2019
[Video] Three tips for breaches of contract
This video discusses three tips for how best to resolve a breach of contract.
New Zealand
5 Aug 2019
How should you structure your business? Contractors versus employees
This educational video explains how to structure your business with employees or independent contractors, and other issues..
New Zealand
9 Jul 2019
Five tips for entrepreneurs
This video discusses five top tips for entrepreneurs which have proved necessary to build a successful business.
New Zealand
27 Jun 2019
New entrepreneur? When is the right time to engage a lawyer?
Link to interview about when to engage a lawyer & key things to note when doing so, as well as general advice for entrepreneurs.
New Zealand
11 Jun 2019
Capital raise – there is no one size fits all
Understand the full range of capital raising options available and choose the option which optimises cash and value.
New Zealand
17 Apr 2019
Directors liability in the spotlight
The High Court sent a strong message to directors against the dangers of companies continuing to trade whilst insolvent.
New Zealand
6 Apr 2019
Eberts retention fund for subcontractors clarified
The decision confirmed the inadequacy of the retention regime for subcontractors in the Construction Contracts Act 2002.
New Zealand
1 Dec 2018
Construction update: Payment claims for deposits – are they allowed?
Deposits or security payments due under a construction contract can be validly claimed in a payment claim under the Act.
New Zealand
17 Nov 2018
Statutory demand set aside on appeal
A High Court judgment and a statutory demand for outstanding claims for landscaping work on a development were set aside.
New Zealand
30 Apr 2018
Know what you are getting into – personal guarantees carry risk
The takeaway point from this case - care must be taken in providing a personal guarantee when involved in a business.
New Zealand
30 Apr 2018
No Oral Variation clauses and their enforceability: the current legal landscape in New Zealand and England
It seems that the courts will decide that these clauses are not enforceable, but they create an evidential presumption.
New Zealand
5 Feb 2018
Contract and Commercial Law Act: what businesses need to know
The Act does not change the substance of existing law, but signals an intention to revise and modernise NZ legislation.
New Zealand
22 Sep 2017
The Arbitration Amendment Bill 2017
This 2017 amendment bill provided an important opportunity to affirm Government support for arbitration in New Zealand.
New Zealand
11 Jul 2017
Arbitration of trust disputes: a new frontier
The Arbitration Amendment Bill 2017 alleviates uncertainty and brings trust disputes clearly under the ambit of the Act.
New Zealand
20 Jun 2017
The final word on disclosure of trust information to beneficiaries
The Supreme Court confirmed its role in supervising trustee decisions to not disclose information to beneficiaries.
New Zealand
28 Mar 2017
Contract and Commercial Law Bill passed into law
This Bill signals the NZ government's intention to modernise the legislation as part of its statute revision programme.
New Zealand
7 Mar 2017
Effective use of arbitration agreements and dispute resolution clauses in commercial contracts
Dispute resolution clauses and arbitration agreements are rarely excluded from commercial contracts these days.
New Zealand
16 Mar 2016
New year, new plan? ...
With your life plan in place, it may also be a good time to consider your 'legal health' and your plan for the New Year.
New Zealand
7 Feb 2016
Takeovers Code exemption for Small Code Companies
The Exemption intends to reduce the disproportionate cost barriers to capital raising for Small Code Companies.
New Zealand
18 Nov 2015
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