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The Amendments To The SEBI (Prohibition Of Insider Trading) Regulations, 2015: Bane Or Boon?
This article seeks to understand the various amendments to the PIT Regulations introduced by the SEBI.
29 Jul 2019
The Listing Of Shares With Superior Voting Rights In India
Under the previous SEBI regulations all shares with SRs would convert into normal shares upon listing of the shares.
11 Jul 2019
The Payment Of Royalty By Listed Indian Companies
The objective behind the recommendation is to improve transparency of related party transactions.
11 Jul 2019
Valuation In The New Regime Under The Companies Act, 2013
Until the introduction of the Companies Act, 2013, the valuation of shares, assets, net worth of companies etc. was conducted by chartered accountants or as prescribed by other laws such as the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 ...
3 Apr 2019
The Complexities Surrounding Angel Tax
The Department for the Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade ("DPIIT") of the ministry of Commerce and Industry has issued a new notification bearing number G.S.R 127 (E)
11 Mar 2019
The Law Pertaining To Significant Beneficial Owner In Companies
The concept of beneficial ownership of shares finds its roots in Section 90 of the Companies Act, 2013 ("Companies Act").
27 Feb 2019
SEBI Listing Norms For Start Ups
Globally various successful start-ups in the e-commerce, social media and mobile technology firms have been accessing the IPO market including international IPO markets for raising capital.
4 Jan 2019
Patents In Asia 2018/2019: India
Top legal experts in India provide an exclusive insight into the country's patent prosecution and litigation strategy for 2018
11 Dec 2018
Delivering On State Wise Impetus To Start-Ups In India
The IPR policy launched by the Indian government in 2016 under Start-up India program has seen considerable success, with several start-ups filing patent applications under SIPP scheme...
20 Nov 2017
Affirmation Of Non-Enforceability Of Non-Compete Clause.
Section 27 of the Indian Contract Act explains that every agreement by which anyone is restrained from exercising a lawful profession...
5 Apr 2017
Madrid System Of International Registration Of Trademarks
The use of the Madrid System, by the trademark owners, to protect their trademarks abroad has obligated the staff of WIPO to organize a seminar and invite speakers to increase awareness and practical knowledge among the independent and in-house trademark agents as well as attorneys.
7 Nov 2006
India Moves On ……
A generic manufacturer spends virtually nothing on R&D, does not mean that without effort generics can be marketed. It actually requires the demonstration of safety and effect of the product by the innovator to the regulator for approval.
19 Sep 2006
Beyond Facade…
In the battle to acquire higher market shares, advertising and marketing strategies seem to play a key role.
6 Jul 2006
Take A Look: Music On The Infringement Hook!
Music seems to be one of the most susceptible areas to copyright infringement. While the music of a movie is often its Unique Selling Point (USP), upcoming release, the music to the Bollywood "Aryan - the Unbreakable" seems to have landed itself into controversy.
6 Jul 2006
Product Patenting in the Indian Pharma Sector
In the recent times the Indian pharma sector has been marked by dynamic changes. The Patent Act of 1970 as amended on March 22, 2005 marked the end of a protected era and has brought in a new phase in the integration of India into the global pharmaceutical market.
14 Jun 2006
New Pleadings Cannot Be Included During The Pendency
International Tractors Limited had filed a suit for permanent injunction to restrain the employees, agents etc. of Punjab Tractors Ltd. from dealing in tractors, tractor housings, or components similar to those in the drawings made by CMERI, in respect of tractors up to 60 HP with the exception of 20 HP tractors.
24 Mar 2006
Would Delay Defeat Interim Relief In Infringement Actions Under The Indian Trademarks Law?
One of the well-known principles of equity is -Law supports the vigilant and not the indolent. How important is vigilance on the part of the proprietor of an infringed trademark in getting relief in the action for infringement/ passing off? This article is an analysis of the recent case laws (limited to the year 2005) on extent and the circumstances under which the delay would be fatal to an action for infringement or passing off under the Act. In an action for infringement, it is commonplace fo
10 Nov 2005
Major Amendments In The Indian Patents Law
On December 26, 2004 the President of India promulgated an Ordinance to amend the national patents law. The Ordinance came into force on January 1, 2005 marking the culmination of a decade long efforts by the Government of India to make the Patents Act compliant with the TRIPS Agreement. A Presidential Ordinance is, however, a temporary legislative measure. It will cease to operate at the expiration of six weeks from the reassembly of the Parliament.
12 Jan 2005
Data Exclusivity – The Indian Perspective
Under Special 301 of the U.S. Trade Act of 1974 India has been put on the ‘PRIORITY WATCH LIST’ of USTR (United States Trade Representative) for failing to provide an adequate level of protection or enforcement and market access for persons relying on Intellectual Property protection.
21 Sep 2004
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