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At A Glance: Capital Markets
The uncertainty around the CLO space in 2016 was driven, in large part, by the introduction of the risk retention regime in the US on 24 December 2016.
Cayman Islands
9 Jul 2018
At A Glance - Investment Funds
When the board of the International Organisation of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) published its Report on the Fourth IOSCO Hedge Fund Survey in November 2017, the findings confirmed the continuing strength and widespread appeal of the alternative investment industry to investors.
Cayman Islands
4 Jul 2018
At A Glance: Trusts
The Cayman Islands is one of the leading international centres for the creation and administration of trust structures, and its continued development and growth is due to a number of important factors.
Cayman Islands
26 Jun 2018
Charities Have One More Chance To Learn About NPO Law This Year
General Registry, in association with the Ministry of Financial Services, will stage its final information session for 2017 on NPOs (non-profit organisations) on Monday, 18 December.
Cayman Islands
18 Dec 2017
At A Glance: Trusts
The Cayman Islands is one of the leading international centres for the creation and administration of trust structures.
Cayman Islands
22 Mar 2017
Cayman Islands Enhances Role As Premier Global Financial Hub With Innovative New LLC Law
Mr Jude Scott, CEO of Cayman Finance said the Cayman Islands financial services industry welcomed the Cayman Islands limited liability company (LLC) regime which became operational, following the 8 July publication of the Limited Liability Companies Law, 2016 (Commencement) Order 2016, and the publication of underlying related regulations
Cayman Islands
27 Jul 2016
Cayman Finance Supports Cayman Islands Government Joining Beneficial Ownership Initiative
The Cayman Islands Government's recent announcement that Cayman has joined the initiative for the development of a global standard for the sharing of beneficial ownership information has been welcomed by Cayman Finance, saying that the move continues to reflect Cayman's highest standards of transparency.
Cayman Islands
13 May 2016
Cayman Finance Supports Cayman Islands Government On Enhancements To Cayman's Existing Beneficial Ownership System
Cayman Finance said it supported the Cayman Islands Government (CIG) in its announcement today of the signing of an agreement by the United Kingdom and the Cayman Islands on the enhancements to its existing beneficial ownership system.
Cayman Islands
12 Apr 2016
As a recognised global centre of excellence for trusts, Cayman's financial sector has serviced international clients for decades with what is the most flexible instrument for wealth structuring and estate planning within a common law framework
Cayman Islands
24 Feb 2016
House Approves Bills On Partnership Formation, Third-Party Rights
Legislation to increase Cayman’s attractiveness for partnership formation was approved on Friday, 11 April in the Legislative Assembly.
Cayman Islands
16 Apr 2014
DCI Seeks Sponsors For Entrepreneurship Day Event
The Department of Commerce and Investment is seeking corporate sponsors for the second celebration of Cayman Entrepreneurship Day.
Cayman Islands
18 Mar 2014
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