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Great Idea - AI (Machine Learning) Used For Fraud Prevention & Payment Intelligence! reported that "A machine learning model is only as good as the instructions it is given…..
United States
28 Jun 2019
Check This Out - Microsoft's Now Offering A Bitcoin-Based ID Verification System!
This self-owned identity must seamlessly integrate into their lives and put them at the center of everything they do in the digital world.
United States
30 May 2019
Cyberattack Disrupted Electrical Grid
E&E (Energy & Environment) News reported that "A recent cyber disruption to the U.S. grid involved a "denial of service condition" at a Western utility, according to a Department of Energy official [DOE]."
United States
23 May 2019
Did You Know About The Use Of AI To Profile Minorities?
The New York Times reported profiling in China based on "documents and interviews show that the authorities are also using a vast, secret system of advanced facial recognition technology to track and control...
United States
1 May 2019
Trust Is #1 Tech Trend, Not AI Or Big Data!
Forbes reported that "businesses have pushed themselves into the manipulative practices that the modern consumer lacks trust in."
United States
12 Mar 2019
More Thoughts On AI Ethical Issues From McKinsey
McKinsey posted a podcast started with a question about whether we should worry about AI ethics and got this response "We are right to worry about the ethical implications of AI.
United States
18 Feb 2019
Does This Make Sense To You? AI In The Insurance Industry?? reported that "Artificial intelligence and other technologies hold great promise for the insurance industry but are not without issues, such as adoption and security…"
United States
24 Jan 2019
Wow!! Cows Are Being Milked By Robots!
The New Times reported that "About 150 Jersey cows in the rolling terrain at Rivendale Farms in Bulger, some 25 miles west of Pittsburgh ...
United States
21 Jan 2019
What Do You Think? Is AI Only Hype?
Self-driving cars are also still many years from becoming mainstream.
United States
11 Jan 2019
Good News About The Future Of Humans With AI
The Pew Research Center issued a report that experts "say the rise of artificial intelligence will make most people better off over the next decade ...
United States
7 Jan 2019
Privacy Alert! Walmart's New Robotic Janitors Will Clean Floors AND COLLECT DATA!
The Washington Post reported that Walmart "The robots look fairly one-dimensional in nature, but their onboard sensors allow them to collect useful analytical data ...
United States
13 Dec 2018
Are You Ready For The Self-Repairing Electric Scooter?
The Washington Post reported that "Superpedestrian — a Cambridge, Mass.-based micro-mobility company known for making electric bicycles …
United States
7 Dec 2018
Can AI Really Be Worth $15.4 TRILLION?
McKinsey reported that total potential "annual value of AI and analytics across industries to be be worth $9.5 to $15.4 trillion" in its report ...
United States
19 Nov 2018
Artificial Intelligence Update: Harvard Now Offering Free Access To 6.5 Million US Law Cases!
Harvard announced that "The Library Innovation Lab at the Harvard Law School Library has completed its Caselaw Access Project, an endeavour to digitize every reported state and federal US legal case
United States
12 Nov 2018
Artificial Intelligence Now Being Used To Predict The Next Big Earthquake!
The New York Times reported that "with the help of artificial intelligence, a growing number of scientists say changes in the way they can analyze massive amounts of seismic data can help them better understand earthquakes, ...
United States
1 Nov 2018
Maybe Artificial Intelligence Is For Real Since MIT Commits $1 Billion For A New College!
MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) News announced the "…initiative marks the single largest investment in computing and AI by an American academic institution ...
United States
26 Oct 2018
eDiscovery Update Including AI For Technology Assisted Review
My Guest Blogger Melinda F. Levitt is a partner and litigation lawyer with Foley & Lardner LLP. Melinda's practice focuses on complex commercial litigation, and has developed in-depth experience ...
United States
30 Aug 2018
Blockchain Smart Contracts Are Neither Smart Nor Contracts
Smart Contracts are basic to creating and verifying blocks in Blockchain, and Wikipedia defines a Smart Contract "is a computer protocol intended to digitally facilitate, verify, or enforce the negotiation...
United States
20 Aug 2018
Do You Like The Idea That Facebook Is Increasing The Use Of Artificial Intelligence (AI)?
The Washington Post reported that Yann LeCun (Facebook's chief AI scientist and an early machine-learning architect) said that "Facebook will dramatically accelerate...
United States
24 Jul 2018
Do You Know The Difference Between Artificial Intelligence (AI) And Machine Learning? reported that "Heinz Marketing surveyed about 300 business-to-business (B2B) marketers from North America and found that less than one-fifth of them had a strong understanding ...
United States
20 Jul 2018
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